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Project description

Mitig8 Risk Management is a loss control and risk management company that provides services to the construction and insurance market.  

We have developed a software app and web based portal that will be used to manage and mitigate risks.  The portal will be under a side product named "iMitig8risk" with a domain name 

We require a logo that will launch our new product, yet be different from our existing logo, as we plan to launch this product as a separate entity. 

Designers will note that this will be a cloud based portal and act as a collaborative tool that will automate and manage the information.  This will be an important aspect for the design of the logo.  

Another important point will be to show a logo that can be used with the app and not be word based.  


I seem to be getting similar ideas, whilst this is ok, I need something special.  Please try to come up with something different, so that these can be rated accordingly. 

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  • Logo revised version #153
  • Dark blue background please and I don't like the colour of the logo #132
  • When you place this on a dark blue background, that will be for the APP, so show this is an app screen so I can see what it looks like. Then maybe change the dark blue arrows for grey or white? The text to the side on a white background with the i in dark blue and 8 dark blue, lower case on the R to r. #68
  • I did ask you to place this on a dark blue background and then vary the colours for the logo. Text to be dark grey or white, with i in shade to match logo and 8 same as the i in colour. I don't like the way the g is at present. #132
  • Hi
    how is this as start ?
  • logo concept 6 #133
  • im gonna be comming with more colors #132
  • Logo concept 5 #126
  • Dark blue background i in different blue and the rest in grey. Try a few options logo with text to the side. Also logo in it's own for the app. #109
  • Let's work a little on this. You also spelt risk wrong, your ideas are welcome. #109
  • Hidden logo design.i and 8 included in the cloud #117
  • logo concept_4 #116
  • Please fix the spelling or I will have to eliminate this one. Thanks #83
  • Hello,
    Can you give me feedback for this design ?
    Thank oyu #102
  • Concept_3 #100
  • New logo concept #99
  • New design concept #97
  • Try purple i and drop the capital letter for the R on black background and white too text written on the side of logo #83
  • About #83, @Creat hey sorry about the name gonna fix it do you need somthing deffrente with no cloud in it ?
  • Hi @davidbaxter, I tried something different. Pls check it. #95