Mito's Doner Kebap Turkish Street Food

Designer provided a very original and excellent design for our new logo. He addressed every one of our concerns and provided a lot of variations for us to look at, but in the end, we came back to HIS design, not to our own modifications, because his design was better than any idea we had. This is why we thought it would be good to use a deign contest -- we found good designers with some good ideas, but this one was off the charts for us. We also like the whole process. My only comment is that the comment/communication tool is a little clunky, but it works OK. I would definitely do this again the same way if I had it to do over.

$275 paid

127 custom designs

34pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #8 by atamosina35, Logo Design for Mito's Doner Kebap Turkish Street Food Contest
Gold Medal

designed by atamosina35

Project description

Logo for Turkish Döner kebap quick-service restaurant in Southern California, which we plan to expand into a chain of restaurants.  We previously had a food truck in Detroit and provide our old logo. We want something that conveys quality, healthy food, but not expensive.   We want red, white, and a little turquoise. Black for outlining is also OK.  We will use this as a sign on the front of the building, by the road, and on other materials such as paper menus, website, etc.  Sign layout will be more wide than tall. Name of the restaurant is "Mito's Döner Kebap" with "Turkish Street Food" as a descriptive subtitle.  If you use the man from our old logo, or similar, we want to make him look more Turkish, such as with mustache and/or fez, or old traditional Turkish hat (images posted). We would like our image to be friendly, and ideally will have a representation of a döner cone in the logo. 

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  • This looks more like a pepper than doner, but I like that it looks like it's spinning! #110
  • This uses an image we posted from another business. Our logo should be original. Also this doner image may be trademarked. #117
  • About #95, @irwansept90 Thanks for your submissions. Too many colors. Looks like a sushi chef, but with a fez. His eyes look weird - color where they should be white.
  • Fisrt Concepts For Mithos Donner Kebap Logo #127
  • Option 2.1 #125
  • Option 2 #124
  • My logo mockup design #109
  • My logo mockup #108
  • My perpect logo design #107
  • My beauty logo design #106
  • @mitosdoner, thank you for the feedback :), I will redesign the next better logo concept. regards.
  • About #64, @weiskandasihite Friendly face, but not a good representation of fez or of döner
  • About #65, @irwansept90 This guy does not look friendly. Too many colors. Does not represent our food very well.
  • About #70, @mubarok It's pretty, but I don't know what it is.
  • Just a little difference from the concept of my previous logo. #66
  • Hi, this is my first entries for this contest.
  • I made adjustments according to your assessment. Thank you. #63
  • Modern and simple Logo for your Kebap business. #62
  • Another Two Designs play with text kindly look it #61
  • Please view this corrections are done, thank you #58