mixed Martial Arts company needs a logo!!!

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Winning design #7452 by marcovich, Logo Design for mixed Martial Arts company needs a logo!!! Contest
Gold Medal


  • I'm sorry we do not allow communication between contest holders and designers while the contest is still running
  • Do you have an email? There are some questions I'd like to ask you.
  • I can put the star instead the circle; but you cant see it, because i already post tree deigns.
  • Cool concept.
  • i like the concept.
  • can you change the color of the star? it reminds me too much of rockstar energy drink, lol!
  • not bad, just not what i'm looking for.
  • try another font. something less jagged and cleaner.
  • looks great. can you try the outline black?
  • close! can the little star start at the A of team and curl around the end?
  • flat colors as well
  • LOVE IT!!!!! Can I see some flat colors?
  • can I see this without the guy and the dream team the same color? I like the Mixed Martial Artists. Maybe try putting the words on the other ones too. thanks.
  • Super cool but it seems to be missing something. Can you approach it again?
  • it's good but not what I'm thinking. I'd like to see another approach though.
  • can I see the text a different color than the star?
  • This is great!! I'd like to see a few colorwaves if possible. Good Job!!
  • I like this. Can you move the stars and arch them to the outside?
  • I meant to make this comment on the empty star. Is there anyway you can empty out the star on this one? Sorry.
  • can you put a one character kenji instead of a two character. maybe, warrior, courage, dream, or fighter.