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Winning design #23 by zounds, Logo Design for Mobile TailGator Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zounds

Project description

Mobile TailGator is a company that specializes in the fabrication of mobile BBQ grilling units. Our target market is the tailgating community that frequent sporting events, concert venues and outdoors-men. For the mascot I envision an alligator standing upright with a muscular human-like physique, a toothy smile, wearing an apron,and a chef's hat.

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  • I like the overall look, but I not huge fan of the alligator. He looks serpant-ish and the arms are kind of stubby.
  • I really like this one. This metal has the right look.
  • I really like this one. This metal has the right look.
  • Do you have a template for constrained metal that you could use on the silver part? I like the layout of this one. Additionally, could you possibly design one that has the alligator over the words without the circle. It would be similar to the second one that you sent but do not stack the words. Thank you.
    • sorry I do not know which template you mean. can give me detailed description? or some picture sample..

    • It is also referred to as "diamond deck" plating. It has a cross hatch pattern across the metal surface that forms a diamond pattern.

  • I like this one.
  • I am not a fan of the font, something a little more modern may fit the bill better. Maybe something a little bit edgier.
  • You have the right idea and are on the right track but it is not quite what I am looking for. Feel free to use your creative license on the colors. Thank you for your submission.
  • Can you combine the silver part in 10 with 9? I would like to see how that looks
  • dear Ch any feedback about #13 or comments about my design so i can better for new entry thanks
    • My apologies, my comments did not load earlier. The alligator is not realistic enough, he is too cartoony. The font is too bubbly. Don't get me wrong he is a happy gator but a little bit too happy. Thank you for your entry.

  • Hey CH! One question, do you care if he's holding a jug of Beer to emphasize the tailgating. I'm drawing up a couple variations for you of a pretty tough gator and will post them later tonight but wanted to know if the jug was ok to use. Thanks!
    • I would like to seee it I will make a determination at that point. I do want to make sure that the customer doesn't get turned off in anyway BUT the target market are folks that frequent concert venues, sporting events and outdoor activities... It should be a good fit if done correctly.

    • yea I wasn't going to overdue it but that's your call of course. I just wanted to give more hints towards the tailgating as some may think it is a cook logo with just the cook get-up so I thought about adding a beer mug in one hand.

    • Sounds like a great idea. Not only do I want the logo to represent the brand, I would like for it to be representative of me. I enjoy raging at the gym, drinkng beer, grilling, tailgating, sports events, and concerts. I am all about having a good time and would like to capture that in the logo.

    • I had to go out and buy a new scanner, sorry for the delay. I will have my submission here in a few hours.

    • Sounds great no worries.

    • Submission #18 This is my original drawing from scratch so you won't have to worry about obtaining copyrights (I can also supply the original line drawing if you wish). I gave him the beer mug like we talked about and added a football since you said you love sports. I also added a road behind him to go along with the tailgating theme but I can change it out with a no team designated sports flag runner or w/e you like. he originally had a cook's hat but I think he looked better without. I can always make him a cook's hat if you want him to have one. If you don't like the text I can change that as well. Let me know if you want any changes. thanks. Note: I forgot to add "Mobile" into the logo so that's why #17 exists.

    • Sorry for the delayed response, I did not see that you left a comment until now. I like the fact that it is an original drawing, huge plus. I am not sure that I like him holding the beer mug or the football. I like the overall idea but maybe simplify it a a little bit. I cannot believe I am saying this but maybe soften up the scene a little. I would like it to be more inviting to a wider demographic, chicks like to grill too. I think some people may get the misconception that I am only trying to market it to the hardcore macho male type. I want to try and not exclude the family and weekend warrior types.

    • I was just going off the brief and how you said you wanted the gator to represent you (beer, sports, muscles, but not mean looking). I'm assuming you think he looks to gator'ish because he has all those scales and spikes? Just wondering. I can cartoonize him more but I will only get closer to copying design #1 and I don't want to do that as you already have something like that. Thank you for your feedback :)

    • Thank you for your design. I am not in any way trying to bash your hard work and I appreciate your original design. If you want to make a few changes cool, I would love to see what other ideas you have.

  • Overall great concept, the Alligator looks a little bit too pissed off. Might scare off the kiddos, but I like
  • Badass design. I like it but a little too hardcore for my target audience.He is a little less human lookin than I would like.
  • I like this with but with a different Gator, maybe something closer to design 1.
  • Can you add the flames to the background of this one?
  • I like the font and the dierection that you are going. I do not care too much for the alligator.