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Winning design #95 by jctoledo, Logo Design for Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Service needs professional, clean but memorable logo design! Contest
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designed by jctoledo

Project description

I would like a logo design that incorporates the veterinary symbol (V with a snake through the middle) as well as something that symbolizes ultrasound. I like simple and clean designs. The abbreviation is miVU (pronounced My View) and stands for mobile imaging veterinary ultrasound. I'm open to color suggestions but I was thinking Royal Blue and gold/yellow? I am open to any suggestions or ideas that will make this logo unforgettable and professional.

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  • #9 designed to keep things clean and it easily identifies the 3 things as per your brief.
  • Hi pet doctors, I have tried something very simple, yet easily recognizable and friendly. One logo #4 in the colours blue and yellow and then with this one I tried a bright green and added the company name in full. I have used the V in your name to incorporate the medical symbol. Kind regards Liz
  • Here is my initial design. I think your colours will work however if this is on a white background you may want to consider black and or navy just to enhance the yellow. Included are a medical symbol, veterinarian symbols, and i tried to emulate ultra sound.
  • Question. What would symbolize ultra sound? Do you have some type of image for this? Also, what will the primary usage of the logo be? Just trying to get some background to help create the best possible layout.
  • Dear Contest holder, I am sorry, seems that I have saved that last suggestion with a low resolution (72 dpi instead of 300) and now I can't withdraw it in order to upload the fixed version. However, if you like that one I can easily provide the version also in a high quality JPG as well as any other format. Best regards.
  • HI CH see my firts entries #59 and #60 whith the colors you like and put the symbol of veterinary medicine to make "I". I hope you like. Best regards. Correpe.
  • Thanks for the feedback. Here is the requested revision. "MiVU" all in blue
  • This is my favorite design but I would like to see it with all of the letters in blue please
  • Can you change the font to match the font from #92 and maybe do a few other types of font? Also, can you make the mobile imaging vet ultrasound bigger? I like the ultrasound beam going through the letters. That looks very nice! Thanks!
  • petdrshang, #93 #94 I applied the light blue beam throughout the letters. Made the dot on the "i" in yellow for consistency with the symbol. In addition, I also inserted an eye on the snake just for detail. Thanks for the feedback Best regards; Jctoledo
  • Can we try doing the dot on the eye in yellow for consistency with the symbol and somehow repeat the light blue beam throughout the letters? I'm concerned the yellow dot won't show up well in a black and white copy...maybe outline it in blue? What are your thoughts?
  • Petdrshang, I just uploaded the files for your approval. I also included the black and white version. Please check, any concerns, just post them here. Thanks; Jctoledo
  • Hi Petdrshang, Here's the font of 92, made the mobile imaging vet ultrasound bigger. This is what I can show you right now because I've ran out of upload credits...Thanks again and again for liking my work! Jctoledo
  • Petdrshang; Okay, I have made the necessary changes. I still included the original black and white file (just in case) Please check... Thanks; Jctoledo
  • jctoledo, regarding the black and white version, is possible to create the white line through the MiVU and the i dot be white with a black outline? That's the last change and then I'll finalize it. Thanks again! I love the design!
  • If the files are okay, can we finalize this contest? It's been a pleasure working with you here at Designcontest....