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Winning design #185 by alamodegraphic, Logo Design for Model Casting Company looking for a cool new logo Contest
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designed by alamodegraphic

Project description

I’m looking for an elegant and kind of flashy logo. The logo needs to say “Sam Rhima Casting” The letters in “Sam Rhima Casting” should probably be in black but I'm open to all suggestions. I was thinking of the logo having a gold or silver design around it to make it stand out and look luxurious. Overall I’m open to different looks and designs. Thank you, Sam Rhima

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  • Which font style do you like, what elements are you not wanting to see, what elements do you want included? I can't really tell from the brief. thanks :)
  • I’ve included a few examples of designs I kind of liked, I’m not sold on these but just to give you an idea.
  • Can we try some designs without the stars in it.
  • it's not allowed to use colored background unless requested by contest holder!
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • I like this one a lot. Can you try one with gold in place of the silver and make the red black. also try making the circle in to an oval horizontal.
  • Try making the sr smaller and background behind the font
  • Try putting the star behind the font
  • I like the font, try something without the star or maybe putting the star in the middle behind or under the font
  • The font looks cool but try something without the globe
  • Try making the star smaller with Sam Rhima casting over it
  • I’ve included a few more examples of some logos I thought had a cool look to give you a more creative direction.
  • CH - Submission #103 is a concept - #104 shows how it would print ( if ever ) in black and white - Z
  • Correct spelling and change it up a bit. black or blue in place of the green.
  • Gold crown or lion in place of the star.
  • I'd like to see Sam Rhima Casting over the center and take out the SR.
  • I'd like to see the silver in gold and the red in to black or blue.
  • Try adding a gold crown or gold lion in place of the star.
  • Try adding a gold crown or gold lion in place of the SR.