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Winning design #330 by graphman, Logo Design for Model VIP Introductions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description


Model / VIP Introductions

A Matchmaking Company


Model / VIP Introductions to (should be Flashy/ High End, Luxury look, Bold. Gold/Black 

A matchmaking company (smaller print underneath logo, regular nice font/black. not flashy like the logo.

A few examples attached. But should have its own look.

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  • Make ( A Matchmaking Company ) Bigger #330
    • @Samuel8000 I made the adjustments. I can't upload it since the contest has expired.

  • Make ( I P ) all white Leave the V how it is #330
  • #161 adjusted. Thank you! #330
  • Also 1 version with Model like it is in #161 #321
  • Make A Matchmaking Company Bigger #321
  • Here is the revised logo with a white background. #328
  • Made a few changes. #327
  • Here is the original, with the text bigger. Just in case you would like to see. Thank you! #324
  • Bottom text bigger. Thank You! #321
  • No hand. Thank you! #319
  • Make Introductions bigger Make A Matchmaking Company bigger #104
  • Can I see this one without the hand. Lot of people like this one #104
  • Here's the white version with the adjusted color. Thanks for the project! #317
  • Made a color adjustment to the taglines. #315
  • Here is my new design on a white background. #312
  • Here is my new design on a black background. #311
  • Can you add a gold border around this . will go on white website but want to keep background of logo black still #246
    • @Samuel8000 Yes I will make the revision Tx!

    • @Samuel8000 please wait for my next submission. Working on a design for a white background that will work on its own, no borders or backgrounds. Tx,

  • No hand.

    Thank you! #310 #314

  • Revision to #246 sans border #307
  • Can I see version without the hand. #257
    • @Samuel8000 I had thought about that. I will put that together for you. Brb.