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Winning design #184 by loisassunta, Logo Design for modern, hip  ecommerce site needs clean, sophisticated logo Contest
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designed by loisassunta

Project description is the name of the site. LOGO SHOULD READ: birth recovery- reclaim your fitness. This should all be in lower case and no script/cursive font. I would like to see all logo ideas in grey and white w/ and w/o the tag- I have the color pallete chosen and will add that during step 2. The design should be sleek and speak to moms who have extra money to spend on effective post natal products- this is not a discount site. No cartoon characters please! we are located in portland Oregon so please, no birds! The logo should be fresh and simple- not flowy flowers. This is a sample of a simple look and logo that I like: the font something like


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  • Hi CH, As requested in your brief, the logo is in black and white. I designed it to be a sleek and modern design. Looking at its usage is primarily on a website and cloth material, I decided to make the font readable. The logo is a B with silhouettes of women in its shape. This represents different women from different backgrounds that have delivered and effected by the effects of birth. Pastel colours are recommended for the final logo. I would appreciate any feedback from your side on the logo design. Thank you. Azry
  • dear CH this is my new design please let me know what you think about it so i can improve it
  • like it
  • same- can you do it in orange/blue?
  • ohh I like it! can you do it in teh orange/ice blue/grey combo?
  • #112 here is my revised on #100 i also thicker the icon to make it visible. and i made another study #116..
  • CH, Is this more to what you wanted when you said more abstract? I know my original was too literal when you asked for a rock cairn, so this is more towards what you suggested. Do you prefer the orange and blue color scheme as well or would you like to see other examples?
  • can you add to this?
  • I am really liking the symbol off to the side instead of floating on top.
  • LOVE IT! Can I see it in a few different color variations and with .com on the end. The site is actually so I would like to see if taht woudl work? aslo, maybe just a bit bolder with the font and it will be PERFECT
  • soooo close... can you change the font like # 105 and remove the tiny heart or wrarp it somehow?
  • Here is coloured version. What can you say about it?
  • looking REALLY GOOD! Great colors,font I like the symbol. can you do it as birth recovery all in orange
  • Thank's for your feedback before Please check my revised in #97 and #98 I hope you like it..
  • this one is on a grey background. i wait some feedback.thanks
  • #100 here is the revised of #62 just what you said... same color to the other entry and adjust the tagline. but my entry. the Ice Blue color both on symbol and recovery letters and the orange is on the birth.. thank you so much for the comment CH :)
  • i make the "symbol a little smaller/ more narrow and add the colors" Thank you for feedback.
  • sorry.. so teh tagline lines up underneath the b?
  • excited to see this in the samcolor scheme as #93. can you move the galine over so it lines up underneath?
  • you pretty much nailed the colors- looks great. can you do it on a lt grey background?