Modern logo needed for new skincare company/Specialized dermatology practice

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Winning design #81 by Santiago, Logo Design for Modern logo needed for new skincare company/Specialized dermatology practice Contest
Gold Medal

Project description

Colors: Clear Water Blue and light grey, blue dominant on a white background 3 logos Modern, sleek and clean for a doctor’s office/skincare product line. Will need 3 distinct logos: 1. Clear Clinic 2. Clear 3. Once the logo is decided upon we will need you to help incorporate it with our current office logo

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  • not bad; try changing it up a bit and incorporate gray
  • we like this one;try making the .com smaller or inverting it; and try one without the .com; feel free to make a similar entry
  • try a different direction but we like your work
  • try a different direction but we like your work
  • try something a little sleaker; different font
  • Thank you for the feedback! Here are the changes like you had requested. Thanks!
  • I like the concept; try doing the same design with blue letters with a gray outline on the letters
  • Hi, This is a revision of #32 and #71. I used a bolder font like you asked. I also made a logo that I thought was clean and clear. If you have any suggestions, let me know and I would be happy to change it. Thank you
  • Dear CH I've already uploaded my revision design #97 and #98 as your request for #40 and #41.Hope you like it
  • After your comments on #72, #95 and #96 show some adjustments both with and without the icon
  • I like the font, but don't love the other stuff. Please try a few variations of it.
  • Let's try removing the gradient on the CLEAR and adding the gradient and 2 colors back to the icon above and see what that looks like
  • This is a revision of #70 whit the changes You asked. Hope You like. Thanks
  • This one looks good; can we see this version with more of a reflection thanks
  • Needs a different font, this one looks more techie to me than skin care
  • Like what you did with the colors on the emblem more than in the words, incorporate some of that for the words - colors pop more
  • Font needs to be bolder, maybe more of a design element
  • Try a different font, something a little bolder
  • I'd like to see it with the grey outlining the bluwe on both words, lighter grey
  • Dont like the font or the water drop being in the middle, do like the reflection though