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Re-purpose/Re-imagine company logo (see it on our site: to work on the sides of our trucks. Existing swoosh only works in on direction and not on both the left and right sides of the trucks. Plus, we don't really like it anyway. These trucks are always parked on location around Hollywood and are a major outlet for our Corporate brand. See what you can come up with!


message from the administration: attention new members! you need to have at least 10 forum posts to be able to upload your design to this contest. Please, read this thread for more information.

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  • one color and one version only is allowed on entry
  • You need to have at least 10 meaningful forum posts before you can post an entry into a contest. Please revisit the forum and participate, then repost your entry once you've reached at least 10 meaningful posts. Thanks.
  • ivanlozano, no it is not possible to replace an image, but you should still have two uploads left. So, feel free to post an updated version.
  • I misspelled entertainment, is it possible to replace image?
  • Hi, what color are your trucks? I know they are probably white, but I'd like to make sure.
  • Coy
    You need to use the official canvas. Please see PM.
  • Coy
    Marzac2. No you are only allowed to display the images no backgrounds or "extras" are allowed. that means no t's, cups, screen shots of CH webpages w/ your concept, or vehicles.
  • I also wanted to ask the Design Contest Forums moderators if it would be acceptable to display the logo on the side of a trailer like it is going to be used? Usually additional imagery is frowned upon, but if you submit an example drawing for everyone to use, it could be very helpful to the CH. Just a thought.
  • Good question Coy. I was wondering if they just wanted to use the existing font and then add a new logo mark?
  • Coy
    sorry for the possible stupid question, but. Did you want the existing logo reworked or an entirely new logo. Thanks