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Winning design #276 by gogi71, Logo Design for Moeller Orthodontics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by gogi71

Project description

I need a logo for my new orthodontic office.  I would like a logo that incorporates a graphic portion that can be used as part of the entire brand logo as well as stand on it's own.  I would then like the company name either below or next to the graphic.  For the graphic, perhaps something creative with the letter M.  I would prefer not to have teeth in the logo.  Overall design should be simple, clean, catchy, classy & professional.  Thank you.

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  • Please check my revisions.
    I hope you like it.
    Regards #461
  • Please check my revisions.
    I hope you like it.
    Regards #460
  • Are you just eliminating new entries?
  • Here I am attaching the first logo design for your company under the name "Moeller Orthodontics
    I would be very glad if you responded to the design I proposed to you. Your response is very I am waiting for the next change,
    thanks. #440
  • a #417
  • hy sir please give me feedback. thankyou :} #409
  • Please check on white bkg, thanks. #401
  • Nice design. Would you mind showing me a version on a white background as well? Thank you for you effort. #276
  • 100% editable creative vector design. #392
  • please check #381
  • Hi,

    Herewith logo for Moeller Orthodontics, im design as look and feel brief, if have feedback for this logo, please don't be hesitate, i will revision as input.
    Thank you.

    sevengraph #377
  • MoellerI Orthodontics #364
  • My new design. Feel free to contact me if there any change in my design. #346
  • My design. I hope you give me feedback.Thak you. #344
  • OVULA is the concept of the design... #340
  • @orthonate

    Hi, Please check my logo entry no. #330, #331, #332
  • Can add color if image works. #324
  • how about this? #322
  • @orthonate

    Here's some other option that you might also like as well. Please let me know your thoughts about it :) #321
  • Have a look #320