Moh's Martial Arts

Very happy with my design contest! Was so much fun to see entry after entry show up. Communication between designers was quick and easy. Will definitely be back when I need a new design, thanks!

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Winning design #76 by ammarsgd, Logo Design for Moh's Martial Arts Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ammarsgd

Project description

Happy with the submissions so far. Keep them coming! I've learned that maybe I don't really know what I want until I see it so I am not giving any further instructions!

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  • What else would you like to see changed on my entries?
  • no "mixed"
  • Would love to see a more modern font on this one and also a subtle "Martial Arts" on the bottom
  • Super creative! A little too hard to see Moh's though and a bit too busy but i love the idea
  • Would love to see this one with a more modern font. Another suggestion would be to change the red "O" to a Red and Blue Yin Yang like the south korean flag.
  • I drew out many possibilities for the a with a thumb. I think this is the best possibility as of now. Anything else, please let me know
  • Thanks for your quick response! This may have gone a little too far. A bit too busy now and the font is a bit over the top.
    • I did #5 before seeing your response, with that I fit in all four symbols (with the geon being the main one) and also the font was rounded out to appear more natural with the kick. But would you prefer a different font or design direction then?

    • Perhaps stick with simpler font and spacing and make the large text "Moh's" and "martial arts" as subtext. I still like the yin-yang theme through the font. I updated the brief to include a picture of myself doing a kick. Maybe take the silhouette of my kick and use that somewhere either as a background or a symbol to the left or right of text. Lets scrap the other symbols.

  • This is an improvement over the last design. I do not think adding wrinkles would make it better. Would probably make it too obvious. When making a fist, the thumb is wrapped under the 4 fingers, but then that would kill the "A" i suppose. If there were a way to implement the proper shaping of the fist we would have something interesting...
  • I really like the touch of the flag colors. Font and spacing is a little too plain though...
    • Awesome! I'll definitely start working on this concept and making it look more interesting, I had several ideas in mind already about where to go, especially with the flag colors, but wanted to make sure it was starting in a good direction.

    • Cool! Not opposed to adding an extra element to this design. Perhaps the 4 symbols in each corner like the South Korean flag? Or maybe an abstract figure doing a kick?

    • I was definitely thinking about doing both those types of elements. In the updated #3 The "A" is made to look like a kick, and one of the symbols is attached to the right. I will see if I can find ways to further more explore this design.

  • After looking at this a few times, I'm seeing that it almost looks like a clenched fist which would be a really cool direction. Not sure if this was intended or not, but would be cool to see this re-thought as a fist
    • You know what. ill be honest and say that was not my intent. It really does bring that out in it though. Would you like to see more details as they are fingers added into it? Any input you would like would help. Thank you

  • about #51 just an extra bit of info, the chinese symbols in the background mean "martial arts" i also adopted a brand new color scheme to this. please ignore #50 as there is a spelling error, apologies. thanks for your time.
  • Really like this one. Any chance I could see it with the head as a red/blue yin yang like the south korean flag (red on top/blue on bottom)?
  • hi ch, Would you like any more changes to #45 I will wait for your feedback Thanks....
    • congrats on winning! I am still not in love with the "martial arts" font though. Could you use a font similar to #34? Also, will I be able to get all the different color combinations you submitted? Thanks!

  • I like to see this one with font like #44. I'd also like to have the option of using both the red design and one with a blue kicking leg and blue "martial arts" font.
  • Dear CH, Please, checkout my original design and concept #86 and #85 Regards.