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Winning design #87 by sanjeebsks204, Logo Design for Moms For A Healthy Planet Logo Completion Contest
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designed by sanjeebsks204

Project description

About two years ago, I placed a competition on this website for a new logo for this site. I got a logo that I was semi-happy with and thought I could request a personal friend to do the additional changes that I wanted. This has not happened, and I am now running a second competition to get the logo completed. :)

The first entry on this site is actually my original logo that I would like improved. I added it so you could see the logo that I have and can then work from there.

I like the design concept of the logo that I have, and just need it to be further developed.

I want the logo to reflect that it is a sister company of Nine Little Months (an online store that is up and running - see link above) and Nine Little Kidlets (a store that has a very similar logo to Nine Little Months but is not open yet - logo uses the 9 from Nine Little Months), and so if possible I would like the same red and green used in this logo as on the Nine Little Months logo - maybe they have to be paler? And maybe not.

The MomsForAHealthyPlanet logo might need a third color (in addition to the red and green of Nine Little Months logo) - your choice (in the example the third color is blue).

I like this logo being a 9 / mom cradling the planet as it is currently.

I like the 9 in the logo having a head of a lady looking down towards the planet - I like that it's very simple - nothing elaborate or distracting....but it doesn't look quite right, maybe needs some eyes looking down....I don't really know what it needs, but something very simple.

This logo has to be readable/recognizable at a small size.

I would like the nine to remain green as in the current logo.

You can download the AI file here

Please feel free to ask questions before doing a design, if that would help.

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  • I changed the color of the '9' (I thought you might like an afro version of the mom)
  • I like the direction. But, I don't like that you have smoothed out the edges of the 9 - can you please use the 9 as it is in the logo that you can download. I don't mind the arms bending a little if necessary, but the overall feel should be the same - thanks. It is used in two other logo's and I'd like it to be consistent. I donn't like the expression - seems like she is sort of resigned to something. I like that it has simple facial expression, but if it could be cheerful, but calm that would be great. I like the text wrapping around, but I am not sure that it has ended up looking lopsided? Text is legible though, which is fantastic. Font used needs to be easily accessible (free and available on most programs if possible); versatile (available in bold /italic. etc) if possible; easily legible. I am wondering if the planet could be developed a little also. The planet from the original might be too plain - I like the representation in #4. It certainly doesn't want too much detail though coz it will end up being distracting.
  • I actually like this logo, but as you now know this is going in the wrong direction.
  • I also like the changes on the planet. It looks a little more like a planet than the original.
  • I like this logo, but a couple of things. I like the way that the words sit on either side of her head, but they are too small ( I don't know if they can be made legible while still looking right). I like the font style but I am not convinced it is legible enough. I need a versatile (available in bold/italic etc.) font that is preferably free and easily available. She needs eyes.
  • I like this logo but I don't like the blank features. I think that colors have become a bit muted.
  • I do like the clear text but I am wondering if you can find something a bit softer (though not so scrolly that it's illegible). I'd like an easily findable/free font.
  • Thanks for entering. I really appreciate your effort, but I don't like this logo. Please see comments for logo#7.
  • Sorry but I don't like this logo at all. The leeaf from the 9 is gone and I like that being there. The planet has turned green and looks like a ball. I don't like the events (thunder,eruptions) that are happening on this logo.
  • Actually - correction - I like the other face from Logo #9 - with the mouth. Please forget my comment about too much detail on the face (it's hard to make comments without being able to see the logo you are commenting about.). I do like the face on logo#9.
  • I like the concept of the gradation of the 9 but in practice I think it's too distracting. i don't like the face on this entry.
  • I prefer the text in the other version that you submitted and that's why I am eliminating this one.
  • I like the idea of what you have done. I don't like the color of the '9' or the separation of the leaf from the 9. Maybe too much detail in the face? Not sure how this will look when it gets small.
  • I feel that the recognizable icon of this logo will get lost as it ends up being very small.
  • Here it's me too on this competition! I've tried to change the logo the least as possible, just trying to better it without changing its recognizability. I've changed the mom's haircut, gave her face a less rounded shape and some very simple eyes and lips. I've changed all of the colors in the logo just making them more vivid and giving them a bit of a hue. I kept the text just as it was because I didn't get if you wanted it to remain as in your example. I'd really like to rework on this project according to your suggestions! :)
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    tanx got it
  • The logo to be reworked is located in the brief, you can download the AI file from there
  • I should clarify that the logo I need further developed is NOT the one that is currently being used on the website. :)
  • If someone can help me with information on how to post my current logo that I would like developed/completed....that would be great. Guy, Thanks for your entry, however I definitely want to use the '9 with leaf' that you can see in the logo from Nine Little Months. I want that to be a continuing theme through my websites. If I can get the MomsForAHealthyPlanet logo that is not yet completed, loaded somewhere on this site, then you can see how it has been designed currently. I like the nine being arms cradling the planet.....
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    Admin I cant seem to find the logo attached