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Winning design #90 by savina, Logo Design for Money Pot  ( Contest
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designed by savina

Project description will be a bitcoin wallet website (a website to keep your bitcoins) and allow people to easily use the coins for gambling (as well as investing). I'm looking for something simple, elegant and just the logo to go next to the text. The theme we're going to be using bootstrap, so something simple and clean is desired.

The bitcoin symbol ( B⃦ ) probably shouldn't be in the logo at all, as the service just happens to use bitcoin but isn't focused on it. Maybe something with the 'pot'? And example of a logo I like:

An idea for inspiration: (But without the 3d styling)  (but simpler, more elegant and professional)

This an example of some simple colors and shading that I think would look very nice for a logo:

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  • About #90, @savina

    Looking even better. I really like the you added. Would it be possible to adjust the pot to have a shape more like this one:

    as it looks more like a pot than a bowl?

    Also, if you could add black outlines on the coins, like you did on:

    and I think i have my winner =)
  • Hey, This is my first attempt. I hope you like it, please tell me if you don't like something. This is also my first entry on this website.
    I'm an amateur designer, but I do it with love! #92
  • Hello,

    This is with the bitcoin symbol colored gold,

    This is my designs submission,

    IncGraphix, #82
  • Hello,
    This is my design submission,

    IncGraphix, #81
  • Hi,

    this is a first draft of what I think your Logo should look like. The way I understand it Moneypot will not only be a pure gambling site but also development hive and investment opportunity.

    The M acts as a roof under which all ventures and investments are safe. The colorful design acts as an inviting and open message and does not limit as much as a strictly black and white design.

    Color variations to suit certain niches or parts of the website can be easily derived.


    So much for the professional brief ;) .. Love the site, so I wanted to get my submission in. Please keep in mind that this is only a preliminary design as my time today is limited. If chosen as the winner we would work out the details after the contest is closed.

    Cheers :) #80
  • About #69, @QUANG Maybe even just making a version of this without the MP would be good too (and the font from 42)
  • About #69, @QUANG

    I really like this! Although I'm not sold on the MP in the coins. I think it might look a bit better if it was written on the side of the pot (perhaps on the left to balance the handle). The font you used in #42 for the text was great btw
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    This is my new concept for your logo. The " M" and "P" stand for Money Pot were put inside of golden coins. Hopefully you will like this idea. Thanks for your review. #69
  • Hello,
    This is my design submission,

    IncGraphix, #65
  • About #61, @savina

    Perfect. One last change: could you try making the MP white to see how it looks?

    Thanks! -Ryan
  • About #61, @savina

    Looks great, this is my favorite so far! What source files do you have for this?
  • About #48, @savina

    I like this one very much. Maybe there's some variations of this that would look good too. I was thinking maybe the angle could be changed a little, to show more of the inside of the pot. Or perhaps with more of the pot showing, or a 'M' or 'MP' on the pot.
  • DEAR CH, please check my design #53
  • DEAR CH, please check my design #31
  • DEAR CH, please check my design #30
  • DEAR CH, please check my design
    thank you
    regards #16
  • DEAR CH, please check my design , thank you
    regards #15
  • DEAR CH, please check my design, thank you #14
  • About #11, @tita Or here is what I think would look very good:

    If the M was a bit thicker and nicer, and formed the legs on the pot

  • About #11, @tita

    I really like the style, but instead of the bitcoin symbol -- how about a stylized: 'MP' ?