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Winning design #69 by mmkdesign, Logo Design for Monkey Mayhem Fitness Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mmkdesign

Project description

Logo for group fitness center, Monkey Mayhem Fitness.  Something fun, with battle ropes, suspension training, dumb bells, jump ropes, AND 2 or 3 cartoon looking monkeys please etc.

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  • Can u add a bow to the middle one plz. #69
    • About #69, @monkeymayhem Hi. I can't add a bow to design as the competition expired. You have to prolong a competition that I added new design. Thanks.

    • About #69, @monkeymayhem Or to choose the winner to correct design. Thanks.

  • Black monkeys. Thanks. #69
  • dark on here as well for the monkeys #30
  • Can you make these monkeys dark also plz #21
  • Can you make these dark as well Please #60
  • Black monkey. #63
  • Can you make the monkeys darker, almost black? Looking for it to pop a little more. Darker like a chimp more so. Please and thank you #59
  • Has added a bow for the first design. #59
  • red bow plz on the middle monkey #55
  • Can you add a red bow to the middle monkey
  • Has made more monkey. Thanks. #58
  • Delete the ball and jump rope monkey, and make the swinging monkey larger, like is swinging through the circle poking his head out. The work fitness looks great! #53
  • this one is easier to read from a distance. 1. Could you make fitness a little larger and round it out a little more for more of a circle. And 2. Do one with fitness a little larger and straight across the bottom in a red rectangle with fitness in white. Also remove the jump rope monkey and the ball monkey. Make the top hanging monkey larger perhaps!! Please and thank you! #51
    • About #51, @monkeymayhem Yes thanks I will make corrections.

  • Much better with out the leaves, thank you!! Love the font and monkeys, easy to read from a distance. #49
    • @monkeymayhem thank you. I need to say and be honest with you logo in the circle is my original concept, I came up with that idea first. Hope you understand.

  • Has collected design in a circle as you asked. Thanks. #51
  • Can you remove the leaves from both designs please #45
    • @monkeymayhem of course, i will do that later since i am not at home

  • MES
    @monkeymayhem hello #46 #47 #48 . what do you think?
  • this is my all time favorite one, but it is hard to read as you get lost looking at the monkeys. Can you try a circle pattern with this. Maybe a monkey or two coming out past the circle? #30
    • About #30, @monkeymayhem Hi. Yes I will try to make in a circle. Thanks.

  • About #40, @mmkdesign Can you put this into a circle plz. thank you
  • something little bit different... #44