Mookie's at Mugford

We are very happy with the work our artist created. He listened to our vision and changed everything just the way we wanted! We love it, thank you.

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Winning design #65 by fishermans, Logo Design for Mookie's at Mugford Contest
Gold Medal

designed by fishermans

Project description

Mookie's is a coffee shop .  I am looking for two labrador retrievers  (one smaller than the other) facing each other on their hind legs both holding coffee cups with steam coming out of the cup.  I was thinking they would be silhouettes.  We have no particular colors we are sold on.  Also would love to be able to put this on cups .  We are also unsure if we really need it to say Mookie's at Mugford or just Mookie's so we are open to whatever looks better.

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  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #102
  • And the dogs smiling please . Thank you! #83
  • Could you change the color. Dogs and print black and the background white. Also the ribbon could be black or gray (or any color you think would make it pop. Thanks! #83
  • feedback, please... #89
  • Can you lowercase Cafe and try to put est. 2019 above the dogs? Love these new changes just wanna play around with keeping est in there . Thanks! #57
  • About #63, @Charemon can you take the shamrocks away and write cafe in the same font as all the rest without the black outline? Anyway to make the dogs smiling and looking at each other? Thanks!
  • please feedback... #63
  • Your dogs are our favorite! Could you change the font to lowercase keeping the first letters uppercase? Could you remove the black shadow bar in the middle and make the font black? Also, love the shape of the shield, but could you thin it out and have two outlines not one big thick one. Thank you! #44
  • mookies coffee shop at mugford #52
  • mookies simple logo #51
  • I hope you like this design
  • please see, if you need more a cange to my logo do not hesitate to feedback again... #47
  • About #15, @hellco Can you center cafe under "at mugford" and change the stars to three shamrocks? Thanks!
  • We love your design and the dogs! Could you change Mugworth to Mugford and change coffee to cafe. Is there any other shape we can play around with other than a circle? #33
  • how about this one? #37
  • do you mean like this? #36
  • About #15, @hellco We LOVE this one and YES that is exactly what we meant.. could you remove the stars and somehow incorporate the words coffee shop or cafe in there? I love the way it looks now, but I am thinking we need that somewhere?
  • About #22, @CKS I really like the look of this! I do not love the color or the coffee beans. Could you maybe just do a black and white version minus the coffee beans and like a double circle surrounding the logo. Does that make sense? Thanks!
  • This is my design #20
  • do you mean like this? #15