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Winning design #65 by Hosniara, Logo Design for MorePays Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Hosniara

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our company, MorePays. We provide restaurants and retail businesses POS systems, credit card payment solutions, etc. The slogan of our company is "More Pays, The merchant service company that pays more". We would like the logo design must include our whole company name and have the twist of one or two letters from our company name, instead of an separate icon as the logo. 

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  • your logo is one of our top picks, can you provide a blue version with the blue color representing technology #65
  • please check this logo and give some feedback
  • This my entry, i hope you like. please tell me is any change. thanks #382
  • Hello, I'm Chusaini.
    A designer from Indonesia.

    This logo combines two letters, E and P.
    The letter E represents "More" and P represents "Pays".
    The logo is connected by a covey line of transactions between the customer and the company.
    The end of the line represents money, and that convey "More Pays, The merchant service company that pays more"
    And a happiness that is obtained is illustrated by a smile that is drawn by a curved line.

    We chose the Bahnschrift font.
    This font belongs to the sans-serif family.
    Sans-serif convey information and innovation.
    With Medium Weight Fonts Are Most Readable and Lowercase Conveys Compassion.

    Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.
    Black calls to mind feelings of serious and professional. #368
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #353
  • And This is my design second logo i hope you like it thanks. If you have questions you can asked me, i am happy to answer your question. Have a nice day #351
  • This is my design i hope you like it thanks. If you have questions you can asked me, i am happy to answer your question. Have a nice day #350
  • Hello sir/ma'am, i would like to say thank you if you want give me a feedback according to my logo design. Thank you. #333
  • this is my new concept #321, three dots in the letters o, r and e like this ... ,three dots symbolize the word more. i hope you like it.
  • This logo is an accurate payment marked with the letter O. This logo is a symbol for making multiple payments #317
  • This logo represents multiple payments safely marked with a green check mark. blue as an insurance symbol #316
  • please feedback #314
  • morepays logo.
    a simple logo can be seen from a simple form.
    the letter A which has an up arrow represents the company's slogan, "The merchant service company that pays more". #296
  • simple design #288
  • Sorry, I forgot your slogan in my previous submission. #284
  • Any feedback for my design..?

    Thanks... #282
  • This logo is very simple and easily memorized by customers so customers always use it #272
  • This logo depicts the company's progress marked by arrows and increased payments using MorePays #271
  • check my designs & feedback please #254
  • R in more pointing to the next word (pays) simply means more in pays, I use the color of blue wich means trust and loyalty and orange for success.
    The logo also can stand in a white or black background alone.