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Winning design #704 by esarante, Logo Design for Московский метрополитен | Moscow Metro 2014 Contest
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designed by esarante

Project description

Недавно стартовал тендер по популяризации и формированию положительного имиджа Московского метрополитена, на который выделено 232 миллиона рублей. Через несколько часов тендер был закрыт по техническим причинам. Нам кажется, что этим средствам можно найти лучшее применение. А создать новый классный логотип для метрополитена под силу участникам DesignContest! Дайте волю вашей фантазии и идеям, покажите, как может выглядеть лого нового метро! Ставьте лайк у того логотипа, который понравился вам больше всех. В конкурсе мы выберем трех победителей: 1,2 и 3 место, по $200, $100 и $50 долларов соответственно. Для вдохновения: какие логотипы ранее были у московского метро http://www.adme.ru/dizajn/u-moskovskogo-metro-net-logotipa-492755/ =================================================================== English Version: As we know, the image of metro is of paramount importance for the image of the whole city. Recently Moscow Metro (Underground) announced a 232-million tender to creating new positive image of Moscow Metro and after 3 hours that tender was closed for technical reasons. We strongly believe that designers on DesignContest can create super-logo for Moscow Metro! Your fantasy and creativity have no limits! Don't forget to show which one you like by using social buttons. Of course the gold ($200)/silver ($100)/bronze ($50) medals will be awarded! History of Moscow logo changes might help you to create something better http://www.adme.ru/dizajn/u-moskovskogo-metro-net-logotipa-492755/ ***Please don't put "Moscow Metro" words in the logo. Logo should only have an icon, emblem or letter ***

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  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #13. Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You
    • logo itself looks really good! Maybe words "Moscow Metro" shouldn't use in logo, because that is Russian metro. But your letter "M" is nice!

    • Thank you very much for the feedback. Will update on other variations of current design.

    • Sorry. I do not quite understand why the block and remove my job? What is a violation? I looked and tried to find a job like this one. show that I have broken and what kind of work is like. Thank you very much for your reply and explanation ... Извините пожалуйста. Я не совсем понимаю почему заблокировали и удалили мою работу? в чем нарушение? я посмотрел и попытался найти работу похожую на эту. покажите что я нарушил и на какую работу это похоже. Спасибо большое за ответ и разъяснение...

  • CH, Appreciate feedback on entries #6 and #7. Thanks, dlbonanno64
    • Wording on the logo should be МЕТРО, in RUSSIAN, or METRO, in english.

  • Interesting idea, but M is not readable!
    • afm

      Hi Oleksandrm,thank you very much for the feedback.I will try to improve the "M" readability.

  • Dear Sir, Have a look at the designs i have submitted #38 #37 #36 #35 Best Regards Geekscentre
  • Hello ! I like to work in this logo design and I am happy that the second place and third place will be awarded in money. As a logo designer I am I would like to know what you are looking for. I don't want to loose my time on designing a logo that doesn't match to what you are looking for. So, by your brief and by the history I did read on the web the old logo is just a simple M.My question for you is: Are you looking a total different logo from the old one or you just need a different version from the M logo? Best RockOnStone.
    • Hello! thank you for that question, that is very interesting and important one. It depends on your designer's view, what is better, to improve M letter or try to use total new one. The logo should be readable, understandable and call for associations with metro, undergroung. That is more important :) Wish you good luck in that contest!

    • I just did submit #100 and #99. I think it is better to continue with the "M" logo. The idea of the logos I have submit is to use the M as a tunnel and the train getting out as you see at #99 and entering as you see at #100. Take a look of them and let me know your suggestions so I can go on with other creative ideas. Best RockOnStone.

    • thank you for you work! all variants are interesting, but I think its hard to "read" small details of logo

    • Yes you are right , small details make it busy and hard to read from far away. I missed that sorry. I think I should look for deep information about metros in Moscow. This will help me to make a more creative logo.It might sound a dummy request . But can you talk to me how you see the metros in Moscow! This may be helpful.

  • Hi CH my entries #62 and #63 have the two M's (Moscow Metro) representing the people of the city (metropolitan) traveling within the 'circle' of the city. I tried to use the red and simplicity of Moscows new brand. Kind regards, Liz
    • Interesting idea, I like it! The only thing is that russian people dont understand words "Moscow Metro" near logo, so it will be used without it, at withour words it looks a bit like road sign

    • OK thanks for the feedback will try something else. Kind regards, Liz

  • Gev
    I submitted #70 and was wondering if you had any thoughts. My thought process was that all the previous designs that you included in the brief were very simple and to the point, that is what I tried to recreate but with a little bit of a modern touch on it.
    • Looks nice! It looks really good, modern and moreover have some associations with transport line, with trains

    • Gev

      Thank you for the feedback! =] Is there anything you would want changed or added on to the design? If so just let me know.

  • mockups not allowed in logo contests http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/moscow-metro-2014/entry/96
  • Hello! I submitted #102. My idea is for tunnel in blue, red "M" which represent the rails and the light of coming metro train. Hope you like it!
  • that is interesting view but looks strange and unreadable as M - the first letter of the word "Metro". Looks like 2 separate parts
  • Looks like a superhero logo: Catman
    • cls

      I like this logo! It says smthng like: «feed me» and makes me «me-me-me» ^^

    • thanks for the feed back sir. Any changes you like to c in #106.

  • Hi! I've submitted the entry #87 and I wanted to get some feedback. I was doing this one completely in red, but a blue/red combination would be easy and slick too. What do you think? You could use it on every media-platform and it's understandable in all languages. Simple but extraordinary.
    • yes, it looks simple and that is a question - will it work or not) i think that logo is like existing one

  • cls
    Dear CH, watch please my minimalistic decision #131 My goal is simplicity
    • I looks too simply. Please, try to add some colors, and make letter M more complex. Thank you!

  • keeping with the theme I have entered #161... OK it's not your standard issue metro sign, but it is keeping with the new Moscow ID and pretty cool and modern!! Liz
  • Hi there, thanks for your feedback, I have entered #160 without the text Moscow Metro. I am trying to keep to the new Moscow City style but it needs something more... and then it loses the style. I will keep trying! Cheers, Liz
  • Hi CH, I have submitted the designs #159 #162. Please check the designs and give feedback. Thank You
  • Hello, Thank you for considering my design for Moscow Metropoliten. Here is mine another submission #157, a slightly tuned version of previous #144. I am open for any suggestions or directions you may have. Kind regards.
  • Hi! I would appreciate if you reviewed my version, #155. I kept the original concept, but modified it into a clean and gave this a modern look which can be used for any purpose. From ticketing (prints) to ads on TV to mobile apps, it will look great. This logo emphasizes something powerful, strong, trustworthy, and most importantly reliable. Is the company rebranding completely? Thanks!
  • ***Guys, please don't put "Moscow Metro" words in the logo. Logo should only have an icon, emblem or letter ***
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #140.Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You