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Winning design #166 by mydzone, Logo Design for Mother Earth Contest
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designed by mydzone

Project description

Crowd Funding Services, via the web site.

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  • give me feedback. #165
  • give me feedback about my design.
  • give feedback about my design. #159
  • give me feedback about my design. #158
  • sir pleas give me feedback #156
  • I don't see a difference between 147, 149, and 151. Can you please show comps for one with "crowdfunding" and the other with "funding our planet's future"? #151
  • TM symbol looks best on this verson. Thx! #144
  • Please place comps 140 and 143 together on one page. Great work! Please place a blue "TM" on lower right of orb, between fingers and shadow...abovery the a in Earth. #143
  • This is the best one! Please add another comp right next to this one that has the CROWD FUNDING version. Thanks! #133
  • Great work! Please change font type to that that of #133. Please move . to the right. Please make orb from oval shape to circular shape. Please change color of TM to blue. #138
  • Please change red to blue. #132
  • give me feedback. #136
  • I don't see any changes...just a highlight difference which I did not ask for.
  • I prefer the font used in #58. #126
  • Please provide two comps in the same graphic. One should say "CROWDFUNDING" and the other one should say "FUNDING OUR PLANET'S FUTURE". Immediately about that should be "MotherEarth" and to the side of "MotherEarth" a ".com" positioned virtually. The .com should be a different color than Earth. The "." of .com should be flush with bottom of "h" in Earth. The icon/graphic should be positioned in center and above the MotherEarth text. The image should symbolize the earth in a famine, caregiver way. I prefer colors of blue, green, and brown.
  • I don't really care for the graphic. Sorry
  • please have the "." in the ".com" more visible, perhaps make the entire .com more BOLD. #119
  • very good! Please move the "TM" down at bottom of the image, next to fingers and also make it brown. Please also change the color of CROWD FUNDING text to brown. Also, please create a new comp next to this one and instead of having CROWDFUNDING please have that version read "FUNDING OUR PLANET'S FUTURE". Thank you! #119
  • Is there a way to make the .com more bold so it's easier to see? #109
  • I prefer this font vs. the one above. #109