Motorglass Australia needs a sleek and innovative LOGO

What a fantastic experience! We have been amazed by the quality and quantity of designs. Thank you again to all the designers who competed in our contest! Regards, MGA.


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Winning design #205 by Auroma, Logo Design for Motorglass Australia needs a sleek and innovative LOGO Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Auroma

Project description

Whilst we are still quite a small business, we do have some very large corporate clients and would like our logo to reflect this. We would like the logo to be very corporate, professional and sleek. The colours we had in mind are Blue, Grey/silver and White. Predominantly a light but very bright fresh blue, but we are happy to have different shades of blue used together. We would like the words ‘Motorglass Australia’ to be included and would like to see a strong but smooth font. We would also like an abstract image of a car or windscreen to be included, something quite innovative and eye catching that will be easily recognised even without the words. These are all suggestions not limitations; please feel free to be creative with fonts and images. This logo will be displayed on our business cards, stationary, website, uniforms and vans. Feel free to contact me with any questions and I will do my best to give detailed feedback.

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  • easily to recognize even without the words...hope you'll like it...
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH
  • No backgrounds allowed unless requested by Ch.
  • Dear CH, Here is my idea for the your logo: #5, hope you will like it. Thanks
  • About #3 I made this with the idea that since you said that you're currently a small business, this would be easy to put on business cards and etc. It's simple, yet sleek with a strong feel to it. would love to get feedback.
  • Dear CH About #63 Any feedback are welcome for improvement design. Hope you like it. Thanks
  • Dear contest holder if your looking for sleek and professional well this design is for you #59
  • Here what I came up with. Let me know if you have any questions. thanks. -John
  • Dear contest Holder here's my idea #53 hope you like it.
  • Example of the style on T-shirt. That's all from me to this competition.
  • For any cases also black and white version, to see how it looks at copys of bills and stuf.
  • my first post, would love any feedback from peers. The fisrt entry is slightly weaker(51) in my opinion. I have really enjoyed looking at some of the other entries. Some really skillful work.
  • Any color suggestions are welcome! Hope, they are OK so far :)
  • Fixed colors and bigger star position to the edges of G.
  • about #33. This version I just brought down the figure a bit.
  • To Ch about #32. I have created a logo for you using a strong but smooth font as you requested. Using the text I also created a icon of a figure driving a car with a replacement glass symbol in front of it. This logo is simple enough to put on business cards and letter heads and attractive and unique enough to stand apart from other logos. Hope you like it. Thanks for your time.
  • Dear CH About #103 Revision design from #79, hope you like it.
  • MGA
    Hi There, Thank you for all of your submissions. Can we please see this one exactly as is but with the outline of the 'MGA' in the lighter blue color that you have used in #91. Thanks again!
  • MGA
    HI There, Thanks for all of your submissions. If possible, we would like to see this one again but with a different image, something abstract and similar to #30. Thank you!
  • Ch, Just to confirm, you want to see first submissions in just an outline of the car with the modifications listed below. The only concern i would have in doing this is that when you reproduce this on things other than web it may cause you issues. I will do something up for your review and make adjustments accordingly. Thanks for the feedback.