Even though I got the cheapest plan, there are a few rare gems that provide the best designs that you can ever imagine. Many designers are responsive to your comments and fast in amending changes. I must say Iridith, whom I have chosen his design, is a very talented designer who is able to outshine the rest with a unique angle in his design and I'm impressed by the work and his proficiency. Nonetheless, the other designers did a great job as well and I will love to work with them someday! Thanks DesignContest!

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Winning design #57 by Iridith, Logo Design for Moustarch Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Iridith

Project description

We are seeking for designers to create a logo for our brand name "Mustarch" which is mixed from two words "Mustache" and "Arch". Our vision is provide premium products for men at affordable prices. We focus on the smaller design details that benefits our consumers. 

A few criteria for the logo: 
1. Easy to remember (Please integrate the concept of mustache and arch together in your logo)
2. Simplistic
3. Distinctive (Looks classic)
4. One color will do. 

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  • Hi Iridith, I guess the original one still looks the best. Just one more request, can you show me how the logo looks like if it is embossed on leather? Thanks! #40
    • Hello CH, I'll work on creating some leather mock-ups and will submit something soon. Best regards, Iridith

    • I've made two versions - one with the shadow (#56) and one without (#57) for comparison.

      Best regards,

  • I love this design of yours. Friends are able to get what the logo is portraying. Still, something just bothers me about the design of the mustache. Will you be able to make it more 3D like? Also, will like you to change to a white background so I can see if it fits well too. #31
  • Logo seems to be misleading. I've friends who told me it looks like an ox's head for their first impression without looking at the brand name. Will love to see another design instead. #38
  • I like how simple this design is. The position of the logo and the choice of font. However, we are looking to differentiate ourselves from logos who are using mustache as one of their concepts. Will love to see another design instead :) #47
  • I feel the specs is redundant. The design looks appealing though but I doubt it will last long for our brand. Why not you focus on another angle to design? Shall not restrict you with just doing pictorial design. What about an emblem? Hope that helps! #37
  • I like how the logo looks minimal and simple. However, I feel the arch does not complement well with the mustache. The font spacing are too wide. I will love to see another design of yours that can integrate mustache and the arch well. #42
  • Hi Iridith, fantastic design I have seen so far among all the designers. Minimial simple design that incorporates the concept of arch and mustache well! I will love to add some color to the logo to do a comparison with this. Appreciate if you can help me with this! Thanks! #20
    • Hello CH,

      Thank you for the rating and feedback. I've made two versions with a red color added - #40 and #41. Let me know what you think.

      Best regards,

  • Hi GJR, thanks for designing another logo for me. To be honest, I have seen a lot of entries that are similar to yours. I have just seen your past work and realized that you are a talent when it comes to designing logos pertaining to animals or humans. The ideas are fantastic from your past work and I love to see such designs from you. Let me look for some ideas so that you have something to present to me. #25
    • GJR

      @jeromecheang999 Thank you for your kind words. #25 was different because there was a negative space arch in the moustache which was unlike any other entry. For me #19 really hit the mark so I am unsure at the moment how I could improve on that but if I come up with something I will be sure to add it. Thanks again.

    • GJR

      @jeromecheang999 Hi. I have added #37. It's the same concept as before but I have altered it so hopefully you find it less octopus-like. I have also added some shading to give it more depth but I believe it is still minimal.

  • goodnight CH and thank you for feedback i see you tomorrow don't forget to feedback me thanks
  • CH please check my all submitted and feedback thanks
  • Kindly check my all update #30
  • kindly check this one #26
  • Hi, will you be able to create another design that focus on the concept of mustache and arch? I like to make another comparison with this logo without the travel concept. #16
  • Design is minimal and interesting. However, I have shown this logo to my friends and colleagues and some of them told me it looks like a bird than a mustache. As for the fonts, you can try to search to use different fonts with "Must" and "Arch". Test different ways - size of font, bolded, different fonts etc. Hope to see another design from you #13
  • Doesn't look appealing than the first. It resembles like the octopus character from pirates of the Caribbean. May need you to do another modification instead :) #19
  • Design is minimal, simple. I kinda like it but people may think that that's a hairstyle without looking at our brand name. Will love to see modifications on your design. Good job! #3
    • GJR

      @jeromecheang999 Thank you for your feedback. I have added design #19 for you. Thanks!

  • Design is simple, unique. Will you be able to remove the tagline "Premium travel company"? It will be confusing to people because we are not a company handling advertising package tours. Also, will you be able to change it to "Mustarch" instead? Thanks. #4
    • @jeromecheang999 No problem! Post it soon as possible.

  • Forgot to mention: Do change the logo name to "Mustarch" #3
  • Design emphasizes on the mustache but not on the arch. We decided not to integrate travel elements inside the logo because it seems to confuse designers. Will appreciate to see another design of yours. Also do change the brand name to "Mustarch" #8
  • Cool design but it does not stand out among other brands. Will appreciate if you can send another design. #9