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Project description

Hello we are Mr & Mrs Overlander, we run a youtube channel called Mr & Mrs Overlander,  our channel is Travel, Tech, Life. vLog .

for those of you who do not know what that is, just google it.  

Most Overlanders have Stickers, and Patches to share with the community.

We are looking for someone to design our "Logo Brand" "Overlanding Logo", along with patches, clothing and sticker ideas. We dont want just one... as we want to create something ALL overlanders can relate to.

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner with the possibility of additional designs in the future. We are hoping to find someone we can continue to work with.

As you can see, we already have several entries submitted. Bellow are a few different ideas for your design... (Please dont put them all into one as these should be separate ideas) We are not asking you to make every single one of these ideas, but submitting more designs increases your chance to be picked as you will have a better understanding as to what we are looking for.

1. A Overlanding Themed Image with Jeep (This is what most of the entries are currently)
2. Overlanding Themed Image W/ Jeep & Another Vehicle
3. Overlanding Themed Image that is scenic with either a Tent & Fire or something you would see in nature... No Jeep
4. Overlanding Patch with different vehicles...
* This can include anything from Toyota 4 Runner to Van to Motorcycle with Storage Packs to SUV w/ Rooftop Tent to Generic Truck
* Feel free to include more than one type of vehicle... Just dont make it crowded.
5. x Logo - What this means...
* We would like to see X incorporated into a compass.
* Please put Mr & Mrs Overlander around the compass ring, keep this small as we dont want this to be the focal point
* Please see image 2208 & the Greg Shared Image.
* Keep this one simple as this will be the basic logo for everything...
* Within the X make each section its own thing... maybe one side is the location (such as the ocean, moutains, desert, or river) Another could be the way they got to their destination ( Such as car, truck, van, SUV, Jeep) Take a look the pictures below.

You guys can see what style we like. Please have fun with this. We want to see how creative you can get. If your submission clearly shows you didn't read this we will delete without comment.

We already have a lot of submissions for the 1st option and would like to see more of the others.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

We have a lifted Jeep ( you can check it out to get an idea of what we drive as that is a big part of our Names....

We will provide logo idea's from what we have seen online. We like the idea not making Mr & Mrs stand out too much, we put this together so you can get idea's on what we are looking for. Also, we are not look for something too crazy, please remember its going to be on Car and Trucks.

Remember... Dont overcrowd the image, play with colors (we dont like the color Brown) and have fun.

Thanks in advance everyone....

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  • it was my own idea and not from the internet . I get the idea of simplicity after watching your videos and decided not to put to much images to highlight just the title of your channel and so that the viewers will see it clearly . More videos and subscribers for you both :) #250
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