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Winning design #154 by ipsihi, Logo Design for [M]SPIRE - Online business pitch competition Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ipsihi

Project description

****The name of the contest is [M]SPIRE. I'd like to see towers instead of the "I". Two Cleveland towers to use as models:


Give me some height! Give me some perspective! Good luck!

Full background - Please read...
MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, is launching a business pitch competition for makers and small manufacturers to receive funding and support for their ideas. We're looking for a logo for this new initiative.

[M]SPIRE is the name of the new initiative. It's designed to help grow businesses in our region.
Needs a small "TM" on all entries.

Please use [M]SPIRE or [M]spire. 
- Bonus points for making this look like our other logos below.
- Bonus points for the tagline: For Makers and Manufacturers.
- Bonus points for using something that invokes Northeast Ohio manufacturing. 
- Bonus points for using a symbol that inspires growth or success.

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  • We really like this without the broken E. Can you please fix this? #240
    • Yes, I can fix this.About #240, @mattfieldman

  • please check my design and please featback my


    Aisya #281
  • if any revision i will fix as soon as possible :) #249

  • hopefully meets your expectation I really appreciate any feedback from you :)

    #best regards #248
  • @mattfieldman

    new proposal #246 and #245
  • @mattfieldman

    Please check my new proposal #242 an#243
    Thank you.
  • MSPIRE #237
  • Ebi
    Hi Sir
    In one design I made the Spire as big as "M"size and in another the size is as same as another words.
  • Ebi
    About #207, @Ebi
    Hi Sir. I did it in two different size. I hope you like it.
  • [M]SPIRE #226
  • I really like this, but don't cut off the top of the E. #200
  • Same as the other comment. Replace the I with the graphic. #207
  • Drop the I completely. Keep the arrow down so it lines up with the other letters. #208
  • Love this, but remove the I and just use the graphic instead of the I. You might need to make the logo part a little thinner...but I can't wait to see the next version!
  • M spire logo #213
  • providing a simple design #191
  • MSPIRE #189
  • To speak a little of my work in design [M] SPIRE, i will describe about the stages of development:
    - The logo was designed to transmit growth and success, represented in the beautiful spiral inspired by one of the towers that are at the briefing, a small detail was added at the tip of the tower to represent the idea of growth and success in business;
    - The typography was subtly changed to more rounded to cause symmetry with spiral curves bringing more modernity and a new initiative of [M] SPIRE;
    - The colors remained with a sophisticated and modern standard we seektransmitting confidence and security.

    The design was created with complete professionalism and modernity . Now [M] SPIRE has all the requirements to grow the business and stand out with a motivating and very professional image. #157
  • Really good. Just drop the Northeast Ohio manufacturing group part... #147
    • About #147, @mattfieldman Done, thanks for ratings and feedback.Have a nice day!

  • Drop the NOM part. And I like the full brackets better than the partial brackets.
    • About #145, @mattfieldman OK, thanks for feedback,i will change it.