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Winning design #557 by blezard1988, Logo Design for muesuM Contest
Gold Medal

designed by blezard1988

Project description

New York City museum that will be a unique experience where visitors will explore questions posed to them about complex and thought provoking topics.

We would like something that is simple but also something that is perhaps slightly mysterious to go along with the questioning theme of the museum. Not certain whether the logo should just be the company name (muesuM) or also include additional graphics. 

Ideally, the logo would be somewhat darker with possibly a splash of color. However this is not set in stone. Different shapes and styles welcome! 

Will be used for website, email signature, and potentially letterhead.

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  • design update. 2 referents type of logo. hope you like it. thanks you very much si hessryanc #557
  • Hi Please see my new updation as you requested #555 #556, hope you like it. thanks.
  • Really nice but doesn't scream out water the way some of the other ones do... #531
    • @hessryanc, okay, thank you. i'll try to fix that. but if you want that one on the top spot, please tell me. i respect that. thank you

  • Really good...he just looks sad and there isn't any water that I have recently grown to like... #539
    • About #539, @hessryanc  Hello, thanks for your rating and comments, sure i will update the logo as you requested. thank you very much. 

    • About #539, @hessryanc  Hi, please see my revised designs #548 #549 hope you will like. thanks ... 

  • Can you combine 499 and 530 into one entry? Also, can you check to make sure that everything is the same in both of seems like something is a bit different and it is driving me crazy...thanks! #499
  • another design update, mystery and color for muesuM. hope you like it. thank you very much. #543
  • color update 2. please feedback for improvement thank you. #537
  • design update. hope you like it. thank you sir. #536
  • Really cool but just doesn't capture everything...lacking water element #528
    • @hessryanc hi, thank you for your comment & rating. i'll try to put water elemet & see if you like it. thank you

    • @hessryanc hi, here are some revisions incorporating water in simple form #531 #532 #533. please check. thank you

  • Thank you, sir. I like this blue in the water but the M blue does not match... #529
  • still really love this but any way to include a high quality water effect? #459
    • About #459, @hessryanc I was just working on a subtle wave motif when I saw your comment. See #518. I would love to win this competition and be able to actually visit your muesuM in NY when its open and see my logo there! (I am in Los Angeles, but come to NYC from time to time.) All your feedback helps and I am trying to give you all the edits you ask for, as well as come up with any other enhancements to help the logo. 

    • @archinla I lived in Orange/Anaheim for years...I still like this a lot. I was just trying to see if there was a way to combine the high-quality photo like elements of the other one with your design but maybe there isn't without making it look silly

    • About #459, @hessryanc I would offer one word of caution re: #499 and one or two other entries. When viewed at icon size or very small, as if from a distance, they do not really register very well or stand out. Imagine the image as a piece of signage, meant to be seen from a distance. Would these designs work seen that way?

  • design update with heavy blue water.
  • design update with little blue. #529
  • muesuM new update #526
  • Can you make the last M blue and maybe add some splashes of blue in the water? #499
  • muesuM please give me feedback thank you. #525
    • @blezard1988 I don't like these without that water effect...stick with that

  • muesuM update. #522
  • Really nice and clean...may be a tad too simple for what I am looking for #520
  • About #499, @blezard1988 I think just fine tune this one to look as crisp and clean as possible
  • muesuM update. hope you like it.. #519