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Winning design #114 by RoyalMark, Logo Design for Multifoto Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RoyalMark

Project description

At the moment we have a logotype that is not great. We need your expertise to help us change that. We have a photo studio in Trondheim, Norway. Most of our clients are small businesses, schools/kindergardens, families, kids & babies, weddings and pregnant couples. We want to go very clean, maybe with a small photography element. We do not want to split the words (like Multi/Foto), and no shortening (like MF)… just “Multifoto”.

Our firm have two divisions (studio and School/kindergarden) so these two norwegian by-lines can be used:

Studio & Bedrift

Skole & Barnehage

Another by-line that can be used is our website address:

The logo will be used on everything. Play with it, try stamp-style or signature-style with a small photography element? The font must be clean, with no wear -  we like the combo straight font and signatur font, but its important that the letters is very readable.

PS! Our school/kindergarden division have a moose as it's mascot. We are considering having it as an element, that can easily be added/removed. (Popping out from behind the logo, or something like that) We have attached a couple of photos of our 25years old moose named "Rolf") :-) 

To see what we have today, please visit

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  • The letter "F" is your finger on the shutter button ( letter t ). #171
  • Classic #136
  • Thanks for your feedback, i use all the color which you mention in your brief with white, black and gray mode and reduce the space as per you instruction, need further changing please let me know. thanks #114
    • @RoyalMark dear RoyalMark... please do have some respect for designs of others.. this is just a copy concept of my entry.. please withdraw it or i will report this act of yours...

    • @nicolets Dear Nicolets, You already reported my design on 22 oct, dear its a general concept 98% of the designer trying to utilized the "O" as a lens, if its a copy then you also copying the concept form others, So, please focus to make your design more attractive to win the Contest. thanks

  • @da HI good day please check and rate my 2nd entry #120 . playing the font. hope you like it.
  • da
    About #91, @nicolets Better! Could u play a little with the "multifoto"-font? (We like this one better than the one whit serif's, but it's not quit right.
    • About #91, @da good day CH.. I uploaded with a font not in capital format CH.. thank you very much for the message...

  • da
    About #97, @cobalt Like the rings, but the firm name is to hard to read, to messy..
    • Hi and thank you for your feedback, here's a revision #117 with a more readable and clean font.

  • Kindly check it i hope you like it thanks #115
  • Thanks to like my design and gave great rating and feedback, i submitted some more color combinations hope you will like it, if your have any other color combination in your mind please let me know. i available for quick respond. thanks #111
  • da
    About #88, @RoyalMark LIke it.... a lot! Could you play a little with the colors, use white as background
  • da
    About #99, @irul To hard to read
  • da
    About #102, @yourfriend Cool, but to hard to read the firm name..
  • da
    About #79, @halugraphics Way to much going on here.. Look at our colors..
    • @da Hi! new logo #98 with red and new moose designed by me

    • About #98, p.s. I can change the color red in the case, and the moose is to be finished in the smallest details

  • thank you for rating and feedback, I have improved my design, please check. #94
  • da
    About #80, @nicolets Ohh, you are getting there :-) Could u have changed the "multifoto" font, to a font that is in the same family as the by-line (a font withour serif's) ?
    • About #80, @da good evening CH.. Thank you very much for this great message.. i uploaded the revised design..

  • its my 1st design in your contest hope you will like it, waiting for your feedback. thanks #88
  • please any feedback my draft#87
  • foto #87
  • da
    About #76, @srie Like the design and the font.. We would like to see it with a photography-element
  • da
    About #77, @srie We don't want a camera-shutter in our logo, but we like how clean your design is...
  • da
    About #79, @halugraphics We like that u have included our moose, but want a moose that is more detailed.. (someting like this maybe... #79