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Project description

At the moment we have a logotype that is not great. We need your expertise to help us change that. We have a photo studio in Trondheim, Norway. Most of our clients are small businesses, schools/kindergardens, families, kids & babies, weddings and pregnant couples. We want to go very clean, maybe with a small photography element. We do not want to split the words (like Multi/Foto), and no shortening (like MF)… just “Multifoto”.

Our firm have two divisions (studio and School/kindergarden) so these two norwegian by-lines can be used:

Studio & Bedrift

Skole & Barnehage

Another by-line that can be used is our website address:

The logo will be used on everything. Play with it, try stamp-style or signature-style with a small photography element? The font must be clean, with no wear -  we like the combo straight font and signatur font, but its important that the letters is very readable.

PS! Our school/kindergarden division have a moose as it's mascot. We are considering having it as an element, that can easily be added/removed. (Popping out from behind the logo, or something like that) We have attached a couple of photos of our 25years old moose named "Rolf") :-) 

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