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Very Good experience. Lots of talented people taking part. Would recommend a lot.

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Winning design #47 by Asiral, Logo Design for Muse, Body Shaping Studio Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiral

Project description

The main aim of our project is to provide women in with clear information on a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve it. Our facility will contribute to improve physical and mental
health and wellbeing, and the overall quality of life. The main idea of the place is to provide the service improving knowledge and good eating habits to help our customers to lose and maintain weight. Next part will be about giving them the individual exercising regime to help losing weight,
slim and shape the body. They will exercise on our special equipment like vacu treadmil, or vacubike. Idea of our studio is dedicating it to women only, to make sure they feel comfortable and happy with themselves when they come for appointment.

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  • Hi, could you change the colours of your logo. We do like it a lot, but colours do not match our concept. Thanks #8
    • @bsspeterborough Please take a look on new color variations #43 #44 #45 #46 #47

    • @bsspeterborough could you please make it black ( body and letters) and gold leaves ( make leaves a little bit smaller) great job btw

    • @bsspeterborough Of course! But can't upload it, so i put it on my profile

  • Hi , we like your project very much. Could you show us black and gold option. Gold lady and black letters for example . Thanks . #84
    • @bsspeterborough Of course, I will upload black and gold option on my profile page, because contest is over. Best regards, Morar

  • Different color combination. #84
  • Logo solution for Your contest. Feedback is more then welcome! #79
  • apo
    Design 2 #74
  • Please check my design,thank you. #57
  • apo
    Muse #56
  • any feedback, Sir? #55
  • this page may help you in your decision-making:
  • Any feedback or suggestions would be most appreciated. #35
  • Hello!! If you like my concept , your feedback is highly appreciated. I am open for any modification. Thanks #29,
  • Slim body silhouette against the background of flower #24
  • Hi,
    I hope you like this logo.
    Thanks! #1