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A ton of great entries. CDYStudios, the winner, was a joy to work with, too.

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Winning design #134 by CDYStudios, Logo Design for Music Producer Needs Website Logo Contest
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designed by CDYStudios

Project description

I want a logo with the name "Spoonhands" in it. Possibly letters made out of what looks like bent spoons. Also possibly having a semi transparent equalizer behind the lettering. There are no color requirements, but i like orange a lot, not burnt Texas orange, but more like bright Syracuse orange. Logo should fit on the top of the web page so mayb ~1000px wide

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  • this is dope, could you try it with a more playful font
  • You can see it in the design but there is a warp looking feature inside the equalizer bars. I will do a revise of it so you can see it.
  • colors in bg look too distorted for me
  • Designers: We will allow black backgrounds in this contest
  • can you try making the p a spoon instead of the o's
  • #76 I told you it'd be fresh haha if the beats are dope the logo's gotta be too. So any ideas on things I could do to fix the logo up a bit, or any ideas for new directions? I'm going to exhaust all of these uploads until I get one that blows the others away lol. Thanks fam!
  • idk somehow it got a lil too graffiti for my taste. not sure where id go from here, but i like the #38 better
  • really nice, not sure what id change. good stuff
  • but it is going to take A LOT of time to complete as its going to be sick
  • @csmiley93 oh nice im excited as i do like #62
  • damn this is fiery hot. i really liked #43 but this is even sicker. id like to see it with the waveform spikes behind the EQ bars on top.
  • dear matt (contest holder) i have an idea to switch up my previous design #62 , after work i will work on it when i get home. i have a feeling you should like it very much.
  • this is cool. i like how the P is for productions too. def different. i really like in #42 the way everything is together, because of the orange outline. is there a word for that? anyway id like my logo to be like one entity, instead of looking like text over a background
  • nice but i think the font is slightly unreadable. also might be nice if there was like something around eveyrhting to hold it together/bring attention
  • clever use of spoons but i think i like #79 better
  • my favorite out of your submissions. the bass shaking effect is cool on the HANDS, however there are concepts i like more
  • this looks really really hot. its a different direction than some of my favorites, but i am intrigued. will think it over
  • Ok, i did understand about the colours of equilizer, an u like how it fads in #65. But in which one u like orange outline better?
  • this is really cool. id like to see if the eq could be made out of non standard colors such as blue/orange/teal instead of green/yellow/orange/red. also i think i like this one more than #65 but i like how the EQ is kinda faded in that one, howveer i like the orange outline of SPOONHANDS in this one better
  • this looks like it has potential, but the font is not readable enough for my liking.