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Winning design #76 by alvinnavarra, Logo Design for My Mortgage Freedom Contest
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designed by alvinnavarra

Project description

You have a blank canvas to work with. Im redesigning the website and branding around the logo design. this needs to be right first before I build the rest. our website is but the design is going to completely change once I chose the right logo. so please dont use our existing website as the basis of your logo design. we want this to convey what we are about (as explained below). We have had a thought which might convey what we are about and having our wording simple in bold writing (similar to facebook) and then a picture of a person in a silhouette next to it with their hands up being 'free'. just a thought we had you may use. Want the logo simple but stands out. bold. Needs to read 'My Mortgage' as the logo. thinking just text and to keep it sharp and with or without colors. leave this up to you to design what you think suits best. What are we about • The experience • Providing the best rates in the market • Customer service • Personalized service • Fun work environment • Redefining the mortgage/financial industry • State of the art technology to streamline the process of mortgages for our clients to have a hassle free process Our competitors (online): • • • What our team is about • Good work environment • Working together in a team • Having fun • People who want to make a change in peoples lives • Saving people money with their mortgage • Making the process hassle free for our clients What message we want to convey • We make the mortgage process easy and fun (to an extent!) • We provide marketing leading interest rates • Our business is online but it is a personal service • We provide an alternative to the banks • we can do it all for the client for no cost to them • we take the hassle out of mortgages Thank you and if you need any further information let me know.

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  • hi everyone, thanks for your designs. so far #68 and #69 come closest to what we are after, but its not quite right yet. not feeling it but getting there compared to the other designs. something that shows a client being 'free' and simple. I think a concept like this and other variations is more what we are after compared to all of the others. thanks. any further questions let me know
  • there was an error on #63 and #64. sorry :) looking forward for you to rate on #65 and #66.
  • Hi CH: I leave this designs: #40 #41 #42 , with a very minimal touch, simple and legible, only with tipography. If any of the designs like you let me know, I can improve with colors. feel free to comment. Thank you
  • New Designs #32 & #33 Simple but powerful in my opinion
  • Hello #31 I would love to get some feedback just to get a sense of the right direction you are aiming for cheers!
  • Hi, thanks for your submissions. its not exactly what im after. looking at something bold, simple yet effective. see what else you can come up with.
  • Dear CH, I am open to any suggestions that you may have.. here's another entry for you #9. More power. #Deecarreon
  • Dear CH, #1 and #2 : I miss look the name. #3 : looking forward for a good feedback.. More power.. #Deecarreon
  • anthony1, Thank you for choosing me as your winner. I have made the requested changes in color, and prepared you some options on the text. If you have any further comments, just post them here. I will be signing in, once in a while to see if everything is already okay. Sorry for the late response, I just got back from an out-of-town vacation with my family. It was Sunday yesterday in our country:) Kind Regards; Jctoledo
  • Hi jctoledo, well done on the design and thank you for your time! Being a first time user im not sure how this now works but before you send us the final design could you kindly make the final changes to the logo as I have some feedback to provide to you: 1. can you remove the '' and only have the words 'My Mortgage Freedom' (as we want to simplify it) 2. could you provide us with some options around the font. I dont mind the one you are currently using but want to see what other options we could use and make the right decision. 3. Could the blue be slightly lighter and similar to the blue background of our current website (check out our site just think it has to be a couple of shades lighter but I like the blue with the grey thank you and let me know once you can make these changes and send us across the final options for us to then implement one of the designs. cheers.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Here my design for your logo #130 . If you want to see adjustments, please give me a sign. Hope you like it. Regards, DSdesign
  • Hi My Mortgage Freedom logo #122 #123 #124 :-) Good luck for choice.
  • Hi CH, #103, #104 freedom in everything to rise over itself, to feel the present flight and ascending streams of air, having left under itself only water splashes, font and colour freedom. In my opinion it also is freedom, an estimation for you. Thanks!
  • here's my design #98, #97... hope you like it.........................
  • Dear CH, here are my Entries: #85,#86,#87.I hope you like them. If any color changes required please tell me. Regards. Reni
  • #74 Because you can't have freedom without the key! Enjoy.
  • Hello Anthony. I have uploaded the revised files. Please check. This contest won't closes until you confirmed the files are okay. I'll be waiting for your reply:) Thanks; Jctoledo
  • hi Jctoledo thanks for the revised logos. sorry to ask of this but could you kindly provide one more copy of the logo and using the bottomw logo out of the three you sent me, remove the 'My'so its just 'Mortgage Freedom'. also im not sure if this closes down or not but feel free to email it directly to me at