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Winning design #78 by JCreation, Logo Design for MySocialBrief Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

UPDATE: Would you add a spy/covert action/Mission Impossible/James Bond element or personality to your designs. When we started to see all the designs from this contest it forced us to decide on our personality and character. We don't want the spy/sleuthing thing to be dominant. More of a passive element.

This is copy from our website:

Spy Your Way to Social Media Supremacy

Receive a daily email brief on the best Facebook posts by your competitors.

MySocialBrief is a daily email to our customers that compiles the social posts of their competitors. Our customers like receiving the email b/c it tells them what their competitors are posting to Facebook, gives them ideas for social content, and helps them stay relevant.

We need a logo that will be used for the email header, website, and social media accounts.

Attached is a snippet of what the email looks like. Please match the blue color in the email and not the color picker I used below. Thanks.

Logo should appeal to our primary audience which is small business owners.
- Helpful
- Supportive
- Friendly
- Trustworthy
- Budget conscious
- Time saving

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  • Sobre diseño #98,
    this is very clean
  • I like how clean this design is, great job. What does this look like on a blue or grey background? #55
    • About #55, @gregallbright
      Ok Sir...

  • Sobre diseño #83,
    evolution your feedback #34 - change with a thinner Font
  • Sobre diseño #87, @ClaudioRegina
    evolution your feedback #63 - change with a thinner Font
  • Hi , revision of #67 with different font and different speech bubble.The eye could also be used separately as an icon (on picture for instance). #77
  • i think this blue is too dark bc you don't see the grey as well when the blue is the dominate background #72
  • i like this much better thanks for your help. #71
    • About #71, @gregallbright Hi Ch, thank you very much to your feedback. i also really like this color. :)

  • I'm getting picky now b/c I like this one best. I think the bright blue is not the best color b/c it looks too bright. Is there another blue that will stand out but also blend better with the other colors? #70
  • What would you recommend for an alternate logo scheme (reverse colors if not on white) #57
    • About #57, @gregallbright Hi Ch, thank you so much to feedback. light blue and light grey are very nice for the logo in social media or website. and aloso for the dark background white and light blue. :) i'll make new design variation. thank you

  • I'm removing b/c I like the thinner font better in #67 #46
  • About #67, @cobalt I like this a lot better thanks.
  • Can i See this in a thinner font? #58
    • @gregallbright , of course , see #67, Let me know if you need even thinner, or a different font (serif,sans serif, etc ...) !

  • Can i See this in a thinner font? #63
  • Can i See this in a thinner font? #57
  • Can i See this in a thinner font? #34
  • This proposal seems to me much more interesting than the previous one in that the magnifying glass reflects the curious eye of the investigator.
    I think it's fun as an idea. Greetings #65
  • Hi Sir, in this proposal I used the "y" a little man with the right arm with holding magnifying glass like Sherlock holms.
    I think it's fun as an idea. Greetings #64
  • About #58, Hello again, here's a revision of #46 , with slightly polished hat and eye and speech bubbles added? hope you like it.Thank you.
  • About #46, Hi and thank you for your rating, any suggestions to improve this design ?
  • hard to tell what the guy is.... #37