I was very impressed with DC. I had 80 designers submit a wide variety of ideas that helped me develop my logo concept as well as fine tune the look of it. The large sample of designers allowed for me to favor the most communicative designers that would use my feedback to create what I was looking for. I did not hear back from DC about paying my friend his $30 referral fee as advertised.

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Winning design #613 by pam81, Logo Design for MySolar Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pam81

Project description

12/15- Entry 466 is our current contest leader. 
   1. The non faded and loud red and green colors in this design do not match other solar company colors. They also fit well with the New Mexico red and green chile them which is where we will operate. The only break from the red should be in the middle of the sun to add some focus there. No white in the sun center. Entry 283 did a very good job with the sun rays shape. 
   2. The right hand reaching up from the side allows for it to be easily identified while being simple. no fingernails or detailed cuffs please. 
   3. The use of rounded and simple shapes is creating a welcoming feeling for this logo. I do not want any sharp corners in this design. 
   4. The font uses a capital M and S while having a rounded shapes. The Y needs to reach below like this "y". This font should also be easily replicable if needed. 

I will be finalizing my choices for voting this evening. The top three rated designs will be my choices for voting tomorrow. Thank you all for your hard work and ideas on this project. 

12/13This contest is heating up! 269 is currently leading for two reasons. The hand is easy to identify from a distance while remaining simple and the colors are what I’m looking for. The rounded shapes throughout the design are giving a very welcoming feeling as well. I believe that simple and easy to see/ understand logos are the best remembered. The idea of the hand having spread fingers around the base may send the message of control for the customer and could make it more recognizable as well. Designs ranked 90 and higher should be considered the examples at this point. Thank you all for your continued efforts on this project. So many great ideas so far. 
   This logo should relate to how my product delivers. Customers get to own the procurement process by selecting what they receive. 
I like the idea of embracing or a hug in the design to symbolize “My”. Color, I’m thinking green and red/orange for the sun, more red. A red to orange transition would look good on the sun. Solar panels are changing in appearance a lot lately. No solar panels or grids in the design please. Two tones for “My” and “Solar”. No pointy “M” on the font. Font should be easily replicated. 
This logo will need to be able to be printed in large sizes without pixelation. Business cards, tablecloths, shirts, and webpage with be this designs home. I would like Let’s try to avoid having it look too similar to SolarCity. 

I like 114 in the idea that it supports and nurtures the sun. The hand under the sun concept is the most appealing at this point. I still do not want the grid pattern in the design. I want this to be simple and soft. No sharp corners. Being able to identify what this design is from a distance will be important which is why I want to move away from arms. 

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  • please, give me responds, thanks #651
  • Hello @esstandefer
    Please check my logo proposal. Hopefylly you will like it.
    The logo is based on the brief and your comments/guidances.
    It has warm welcoming colours, and friendly feel yet memorable shapes, composition. It also is recognizable when small, or from a far distance.

    Please remember that, after choosing the winning design, you have a stage "Finalization" inwhich you collaborate with the designer for further modifications until you get a perfect outcome.

    Please let me know if you want any changes to the logo.
    I am at your service.

    Regards. #637
  • Hi submitting a simple, creative and clean design, and you may like. Please note the hand, you can read ' my ' in it. The symbol can be used as a stand alone brand mark on products and marketing materials and can be used on any background. Also the shape of symbol is kept round/oval so its gives visual hierarchy to the design. Further changes if needed can be done as per your request, feedback will be very much appreciated, thanks . #632
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