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Winning design #388 by tonystarkcl2, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by tonystarkcl2

Project description

I require a logo design for my start-up company.  MyTeamFundraising will be web-based fundraising management SAAS.  It is being designed and developed to address the specific challenges that amateur sports and school teams face when raising funds.  It will equip the users/teams with a comprehensive set of simple yet valuable tools towards executing efficient and successful campaigns. 

The font used for the wording MyTeamFundraising can be either all on one line or can be on two lines (MyTeam and Fundraising).  The font should be very legible and somewhat playful.
I would like to have the color green somehow incorporated into the design - as it is the color of money. 

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  • Hi, I have tried to make logo according to your expctations but if you want any changes in it please feel free to convey
    Thank You #419
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  • About #274, @tonystarkcl2
    Thank you for all of your work on this contest!
    I like this new design (#274).
    If you are able and have time, could you send me this with a few changes:
    Change the head on the green person to green and change the heads on the black people to black.
    Remove the shadow.
    Increase the size of the three heads by about 75%.
    If possible, can you rotate the two black people slightly outwards so that the bodies are further apart but keep the hands connected?
    Can you do anything to make the "people" look a little more like people - but still keeping the star shape that they form?
    Thank you very much!
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  • About #133, @bams_art31
    Hello again. I would appreciate seeing this design with a few changes:
    A green circle in the middle of the icon where the people's hands meet.
    Use the same size lettering for "MyTeam" as for "Fundraising". Space the letters closer together.
    Add ".com" in black vertically to the right of the "g".
    Thank you again.
    • @andy7 @andy7 please check my revision #228, #229, #230, #235, #236, If there is a shortage I will fix it

  • hello sir i hope get back your valuable comments or suggestions #344
  • hello sir i hope get back your valuable comments or suggestions #343