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Winning design #88 by AlexanderDadaev, Logo Design for Nan & Company Properties Contest
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designed by AlexanderDadaev

Project description

We wont this to be VERY simple and elegant. The simpler the better. We would like the logo to have the name Nan & Co. Properties

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  • Can you remove the period and make properties just a little more bold
    • what do you mean by "remove the period" Sir? I am confused about which one to delete

    • Hi, I think he means the dot after the co and before the word properties :-)

  • use gray for font color
    • ok thnks fr feedback, wht abt orange do you like how i use it

    • hey now look at my new design #21, n give ur feedback abt it

  • i just submitted #27 and #31.. tell me what do you think about that..
  • Can you change company to co
  • CKS
    About #24 Thank you for review my entry, i send this new proposal, hope get your feedback. Regards. Erick
  • BdG
    Hello, I just submitted #14 and #15, and I would like to know what you think. The logo represents the N, A and N melted together. The whole looks like a few roofs on a block. Also, the orange dot marks the A. It's contemporary, but also professional. Kind regards, Berdine de Gier
  • Hi, I've just submitted a design #10, would you be so kind and give it some feedback? It would be greatly appreciated!
  • Love it, add a splash of orange somewhere.
    • Thanks for the quick feedback! Changes for #6 can be seen in options #8 and #9. I've added a bit of orange but tried to stick with you requesting simplicity. Let me know if there is anything else you would like me to change/add. Thanks again

  • Not elegant enough
  • Hi, can you describe a little about your company background???
    • We are a real estate company that specializes in the luxury market. We want a clean and simple design.

    • Thank you for your reply.. I will uplaod my concept soon.

  • Dear CH - as you can see I uploaded first design #1 at you contest and I hope that you will like it. :) For any correction/improvement please dont hesitate to contact me. My best
    • |--|

      operhal {*wrote*}:
      Dear CH - as you can see I uploaded first design #1 at you contest and I hope that you will like it. :) For any correction/improvement please dont hesitate to contact me. My best
      |--| Can you try it without the two outer lines and with a line going through the A? The line through the A can extend outside on the constraints of the letter if you like. Just an idea

  • It looks better thanks, can we see the NAN in a different font and change the line going through the A
    • Thanks for your feedback I've entered #182 with a new font. Let me know if you'd like to see some more fonts or other variations. Thanks, Kristi

    • I love the "& CO" but want to make it as elegant and minimalist as possible, can we try a different font thank you

    • Did you have a certain style of font you prefer? Serif or sans serif? Also would you prefer not to have the abstract house for the cross of the A, or retain that? Thanks, Kristi

  • can you change company to co and make "and" sign orange
    • Dear CH, Thanks for your feedback, here is my new entries #223, #224, #225, hope you like them, any modifications can be done easily. Regards MAXX

  • Hello sir, It will be great to have feedback from your side on my entry #169..... Whether good or bad .... Pls feel free....
  • Hi ch, I have submitted my entry #97 #99 and hope you like also waiting for your valuable feedback. thanks...
  • Hi, please kindly check my work #168 , #166 , thank you.
  • CH could please check my entry #147 its very simple and elegant looking. thanks
  • Could you please check my entry #139. Thanks [ JOBZ ]
  • I love the " & Co" of this logo can you use it in another way with the nan properties
    • Sure can. I'll work on some variations. Did you have any specific (or non-specific) suggestions about the direction you'd like it to go in? Were there any other parts of it you'd like me to keep/build off of (i.e. the graphics, the fonts)? Do you like the layout, or prefer I change the location of &Co entirely? ... anything to give me a bit more of an idea of what you might like so we can keep it going in a good direction would be extremely helpful. Thanks, Kristi

  • can you use Co instead of company and make the and sign orange