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Winning design #71 by zi1zo, Logo Design for Nan Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zi1zo

Project description

Delivering text and voice messages into the future for loved ones. Perhaps incorporate the "infinity" sign (8).

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  • Ok so we have to make a decision and as right now this is our favorite. I need you to send this in as much colors as possible and we are will be using the envelope with infinty shadow only in an app so can you send it to us in an app form like you did to the other ones. Thank you for your efforts :) #71
    • @hulayogi hi there, this is admin Anastasia. Designers can't upload new designs in expired contest. You can pick the winner now. Once you pick you will have 7 more days of finalization period to work with the winner on final changes to winning design. Regards, DesignContest team

    • @hulayogi Thank you for your feedback, I look forward to working with you :)

  • Hi,
    I am hoping you would take my recent designs in consideration - #108, #107, #99, #98 & #94.
    Please feel free to let me know if you need any changes.

    Best regards
  • nan2 #110
  • nan 1 #109
  • hi dear ch thanks for rating my design...pls see my new
    renovation #104 as requested hope you like it
  • Love it but keep in mind that this will be a text App. to people into the future. So i like everything about it especially that its clean but it doesn't scream out text. Can you work with it alittle:) #85
    • About #85, @hulayogi thank you for the feedback sir... how about #86 sir?

  • Can you try different colors. I really like it alot #83
  • I like this the most can you try some earth tone colors? #78
  • I really like this but not the colors #80
  • About #71, @anapirenjak
    Which colours do you prefer?
  • I really like this one too can you play around with the shadow of the post card. Try to make it look like a shadow and keep it with the infinity emblem:) can we try a few other colors. Lastly can you take the card image and submit it in a "App" box without the nan because this is most likly to be our app. on itunes #71
  • Lets try different colors in all the ones that i liked #74
  • About #65, @Babba
    I am still working on your suggestions. These two were initials one to see how will it look with more of a infinity silhouette and envelope flap. To me it looks bit like an owl. :)
    I shall get back as soon as I develope something else.
    Best regards
  • create a logo design with purple heart symbol varied #64
  • i really like this one too. Can you shrink the infinity 8 and have it on the top seal of an envelope #52
    • @hulayogi Thank you. I shall work on that. Kind regards

  • Can you make the shadow of the envelope look like an infinity 8 #17
  • I really like this can you change the heart to an infinity 8 ? #25
  • Please keep in mind that this will be a logo on an App screen. If you can please send your design in an square similar to a App logo box.
  • I really like this i think we are really close to what we envisioned. Can we pop the infinity 8 alittle better? Lets try to get it in different colors. Maybe orange and gray and try different fonts. #44
  • Instead of a heart can you incorporate the "infinity" sign (8) and try it with different colors #30
    • afm

      Thank you very much for you feedback. I am working on this.