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Winning design #219 by maxx, Logo Design for Napketing Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxx

Project description

Our company prints publicity in napkins that are then distributed to restaurants. We know the distribution of the market and thus can segment to whom we reach and therefore to whom our customers can advertise to.

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  • Can you make the "bubble's arrow not repla de "i" but just dot it? Can youthen do other color combination orange andgray ? #215
    • Hi @adolnisa Thank you for the feedback, please find the revised design #243, #244, #245 Regards SJK

  • @adolnisa HI good day please check and rate #232 #233 . I hope you like it.
  • looking great. Just wondering about other color combinations (e.g. gray and orange, Green and blue. others? #202
    • Hi @adolnisa Thank you for the feedback, please find suggested colour variations in entry #228. Regards SJK

  • I make letter N look like napkin folding #227
  • this logo design, I use a letter N, I improve look like napkin folding #226
  • More colour options and font changed. #218
  • can you check the Font on #189 and do something similar? Can you present a couple more color combinations? One of my two finalists!!! #203
  • Hi @adolnisa
    Please find entry #214, #215 as per your feedback.
  • so far our favorite!! can you just play with the one in black and White for black and White printing. We love it #203
  • Hi adolnisa
    Please find entry #201, #202 as per your feedback.
  • can you add that Little triangle or point that most message balloons or clouds have #135
    • About #135, @adolnisa sure. no problem

  • can you add that pointy part that the "message balloons" have and make it fall on the "i"? #200
    • About #200, @adolnisa Sure, I will upload new entry as soon as possible. Thank you for the feedback.

  • can you put the piled napkins inside a more squared message balloon #139
  • Can you try a Font more similar to # 93 and use one color for "nap", and another for "keting". Can you swap the Brown for blue and make the orange brighter #161
  • About #125, rating and feedback
    what about ?
  • Hi adolnisa!
    Here are my new proposals #197 , #196 , #195 , #194 , #193 , #150 , #149 , #146 , #145
  • Great! Can you add that little pointed part that the message clouds have #139
    • About #139, @adolnisa yes no problem

  • One more new concept with cloud and folded napkin. hope you will like it. thanks. #180
  • Can we try another color combination? I like it #161
    • Hi @adolnisa Thank you for the rating, please find colour variations on #178. If you have a colour preference, please specify Regards SJK

  • Can you play a nit with the square that mimics the napkin somthat it looks like its a square napkin folded on a tip? #107