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Winning design #183 by carloerbalingit, Logo Design for Napkin Sketch - Awesomeness required for Logo Design!! Contest
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designed by carloerbalingit

Project description

We have designed several logos for Napkin Sketch, but have never been fully satisfied with the results. We don't have any requirements or specifics to what it should look like. Although we feel the name alone is rather inspirational to a logo designer, so the logo design is in your hands.

By no means solely follow these suggestions, but here are a few ideas:

1. Focus less on typography, get creative with the wording of Napkin Sketch. Something similar as if it was written on a napkin. Use a Wacom, or get creative with how the words are written.
2. Consider incorporating a Napkin in the logo, with the above sketching included or incorporated.
3. Cant say the pencil/pen in the logo is a good idea.

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  • i updated the font hope like this font
  • #103 is spin on #66
  • #102 is a spin on #45
  • #97 Dear CH, Please check my new design concept. hope you like it. thanks
  • #96 Dear Contest Holder, I just revised the word Napkin to look more like a napkin then. Hope you like it thank you.
  • #93 is an option off of #66
  • Could you make the words Napkin Sketch more prominent? Not sure how it would be pulled off, but possible sketch the words Napkin Sketch in a similar way and overlay it on the sketched letters "NS"
  • Like the direction, but im afraid its not professional looking.
  • Im afraid we dont like the airplane in our logo. Also the wording isnt quite what we are looking for, but I can tell you have talent. Would love to see more!
  • Cool design, Id like to see the "blocks" look a bit more like napkins and the wording in Napkin look a bit more like sketches. Ditto for the word Sketch, it should be the same size as the other word, and look a bit more written/sketched. Thanks!
  • I like the napkin and use of the "NS". Id like to see the S the same size as the N. If you can also make the Napkin look a bit more realistic and professional that would be great! Also, we would like to get away from typical typography text and do something a bit more along the line of freehand sketching. Thanks!
  • I really like this design, the wording for Sketch work well. Although I think the Napkin part looks a bit to much like paper, and not an actual napkin. Is there anything you can do to make it look more like a napkin, while remaining professional looking? Thanks!!
  • #92 is color option to #91 (which is an adjustment to #44).
  • #91 is one adjustment to #44.
  • dear napkin sketch i updated my design according you comments the green sketching formed the letter N and the gray Sketching Formed the letter S but it same diffrent hope you like it and the font thanks
  • design idea of light bulb is already done infraction for entry
  • Design is like another designers idea/concept infraction is for this entry--
  • Could the sketching be formed into the letters NS? Also, we would like to keep away from typical Typography. Thanks!
  • Another designer used my concept, what do I do? Designers should also respect the creative merit of their peers. If a designer creates an entry that gives you a similar creative idea, please respect their entry and refrain from posting your similar idea.
  • this is a mayhem, the contest is becoming intresting