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This was a really fun way to begin to have my brand come to life. The designers rose to the challenge through the 7 days I held my contest, with a flood of entries and inspiration coming in. The designers truly seemed to want to align their artistic skills with the vision I had for the feel of my brand. I love my logo; it is classic, timeless, luxurious, stylish, and most of all me. I've found a designer I will work on many future projects with through Design Contest.

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Winning design #274 by LightED, Logo Design for Natalie Que Contest
Gold Medal

designed by LightED

Project description

I am a writer!  My website has just gone live but I have improvements being added to it in the next couple of weeks, including a 'living photo' we are filming next week.  Other than a bunch of photos of me / landscape, the site is lacklustre and generic so far; missing that identity offered solely by cohesive visual branding elements.  

UPDATE!  For a logo I am looking for more than a signature.  For this contest I may choose a winner who offers a signature for use at the end of blog posts as I have loved many that have come in, even if they look like one I could have generated myself, and I also don't want to preclude anyone who has already submitted as I failed in the first brief to be as specific as possible.  I apologise, but hoped to just see what could be created without too much direction as I'm pretty fluid in my tastes and felt confident something would come in that I hadn't thought of.  It is clear now in the first 36 hours of the contest more information is required.      

I have gone ahead and chosen a font for Natalie Que myself as nothing coming in was feeling totally 'me' for such visible branding (as I said, I loved them for signatures at the end of blog posts).  FOR THE LOGO I am looking for something done (and image) with the letters NQ.  PLEASE SEE THESE THREE PICTURES IN THE GALLERY I have now added for help with how to send in a better entry for the contest which is likely to be chosen.  One is the Natalie Que font I have selected for use and the others are images exactly my style for help in showing precisely what I am looking for.  Thanks!!!!!!  Truly appreciate all of the effort put into the entries so far.  

Best!  Nat Que

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  • Hanwriting #289
  • Something Different #288
  • NatalieQue Writer #286
  • About #264, @keyza Stunning work, this is beautiful
    • @natalie_com_au Thanks natalie.

  • About #245, @LightED Thanks for your changes, sorry Light I should have been more specific. I meant changing the colour of the lettering, not the background. My site is going to be very busy. This is why the gold and not colour is now working. It needs to be working with the fantastic images (living images) that are going to be put on. And not being too busy and working against them. But it also needs to pop on its own as a business card or standing alone on instagram. Or maybe it needs to be one concept but be available in a few colours for different purposes. What I want is the fray background with silver or gold shiny NQ and border. Love this concept, want to see it executed to perfection and just fall in love with it and say yup, that's the one
  • I look forward your feedback #260
  • please feedback to my design, thanks #258
  • Awesome, this Update font #257
  • please feedabck to my design, thanks #256
  • Gold Natalie Que and Gold Symbol in the Grey background
    Simple and Elegan, That's Smart think #255
  • This is Gold Natalie Que with Lombok Font, Grey Background and also Deep Grey at Symbol
  • looks Cool and Calm and Relax with baby blue #253
  • Deep Blue Background with Gold
    Luxury, Elegan and looks like Expensive #252
  • jww
    Alternative design for consideration. Many thanks JWW #244
  • jww
    Alternative design for consideration. Many thanks JWW #243
  • jww
    Hi, Another design for your logo contest, Thanks for your positive feedback, Please let me know if you would like to see any variations. Many thanksJWW #242
  • jww
    Hi, Another design for your logo contest, Thanks for your positive feedback, Please let me know if you would like to see any variations. Many thanksJWW #241
  • About #203, @jww Great job! your entries were so very interesting! I loved them each. so much style
  • About #236, @LightED Light, you're amazing. Your commitment to get this right is outstanding. I love this. The concept is great. It really really works. I think I may change the colour but I look and this and just think yes. Right now it's about matching the scheme of the site. The gold is so lux and I would want this in gold but it doesn't match. If you're willing to work with the colours to get this right as one scheme for the site I say lets go for it
  • jww
    Hi, Thank-you for looking through my designs for your logo contest, Any feedback would be great, or if you have any specific amendments you would like to see, then please get in touch, many thanks JWW #211