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Winning design #47 by HerbertNordal, Logo Design for National VBMA Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HerbertNordal

Project description

We are the Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA), a student-run organization bringing business education to veterinary students. We're seeking a logo to illustrate the theme of our upcoming conference: "Empowered by Innovation." The logo will be featured on the conference manual, t-shirts, and promotional items. Our organization's hallmark color scheme is dark blue (primarily) and orange. To match our theme focused on innovation, we're seeking a modern, simplistic, eye-catching design. Some imagery we've considered are: gears/cogs, light bulbs, etc. To clarify, the National VBMA already has a logo. We are seeking one for our conference only at this time.

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  • hope i got winner :) #168
  • Hi, feel free to let me know if you need anything, thank you. #151
  • please consider my design,,thanks #147
  • I made some changes i hope u will like it . Best regrads #139
  • please rate , thanks #138
  • PLEASE rate sir :)
    thanks #137
  • Thank you for rating on previous design, now another proposal from my side. I will be happy to make any adjustments you need.
    Light bulb filled with gears have been used so many times, that i won't suggest to go with that option;
    Regards #136
  • Logo idea. Hope I'm on track. Good luck #133
  • @layna_irwin a sun look like bulb. #128
  • Done.
    please check this.

    thank you for your feedback.

    best regards

    Sabdo #127
  • hello, CH.
    please check my ide.

    thanks. #103
    • @Sabdo Wow. This looks fantastic! One quick edit: could you add the second "n" to "Innovation"?

    • @layna_irwin yes ofcrouse. Please wait.

  • This is very clever. Thank you for submitting. #121
  • Hope you like this sir , tuksedo with a head lamp..
    please feedback , thanks :) #98
    • @wenxDesign Very clever - I really like it and how you utilized the orange and blue. Quick thought: could you move "By" to the second line of text and make it orange to match "Innovation"? Thank you!

  • Really like this logo design. Could you make the outer most circle of the gear flush with the sides of the lightbulb? #39
    • About #39, @layna_irwin I've changed this as you said, check #101. Please let me know whether the changes are ok or not, thanks.

    • @sharmintuli55 Great. Thank you!

  • how do you think about this one.

    please check it.

    thanks. #102
  • Could you center the text and capitalize the whole word "Innovation?" #60
    • @layna_irwin is it better now ? #104

    • @designer47 Much better. Thank you for doing that.

  • Optional @layna_irwin #115
  • changed version of #39 hope you will like it, thanks. #101
  • Very crisp & stylistic. Could you replace the "National VBMA" text with "Empowered by Innovation"? #25
    • About #25, @layna_irwin thank you for you're feedback, yess i could replace the text, i'll upload soon my revised design

  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. Made changes as you asked. Thanks. #91