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Winning design #480 by JeeJones, Logo Design for Natural Choice Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JeeJones

Project description

The logo must include the words "NATURAL CHOICE"

What we do:
We produce a NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT, our products are 100% plant based NO CHEMICALS. It drives away the bugs but does not kill them.
Also as it is natural, it is safe to use in the home as we are not breathing toxic chemicals like other mosquito products.

Looking for a design that portrays the following qualities:

Family friendly
Safe for our family
No harm to people
No harm to environment
Choose this over toxic alternatives

Please do not make "very fine details" as the logo should be clearly read and understood by a person standing 5 feet away looking at box where the logo is printed 1 inch size. The designs should be "contained" within a shape preferably. Must use color green, plus any other color is ok. Keep the focus on "natural" and "plant based".

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  • Please rate my design . #499
  • another alternative design.. thx #496
  • Thanks for extended day.. i hope you got the best Design.. @rajbulsara #495
  • Gradient color. #494
  • Single color version. #493
  • Hi, pls check my entry. Thanks. #491
  • Make the stick slightly longer and move the smoke slightly to the right, so there a little more space between smoke and letters #475
  • Can we keep the baseline "straight" it is slightly at an angle. (This will effect other elements when reproduced on packaging) #475
  • Another idea. I forgot to submit it earlier. #477
  • About #469, @JeeJones
    1) Can you please lower the stick, it is too close the the word "choice"
    2) Adjust the upper smoke so that it blend better with the lower smoke
    • Ok, no problem. About #469, @rajbulsara

  • modify this upper smoke image so that it better blends with lower smoke image #469
  • Please lower this slightly, too close to the text #469
  • The first smoke lower the upper tip so that it is 20% lower #454
  • lower the stick very slightly #454
  • Professional Work #423
  • Hello, revision per your request. Thanks #421
  • One of the option with bigger leaf. I can make change color or design. Thanks. #420
  • Draw smoke coming up this side. #92
  • draw an incense stick here under the word choice #92
  • please check my design and advice #402