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It has been a joy working with DesignContest for the second time and got more than I expected form this logo design. Thanks DesignContest,

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Winning design #257 by antoneofull, Logo Design for Natural Supplement Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by antoneofull

Project description

We need a logo for our new Natural Supplement company that should represent and stand out form other companies. The company's name is " Natures Seed ". This company will produce dietary supplements as its main product line, but will sell many different natural supplements. Would like to see Green as the main color and logo will be in bottles, website and paperwork. If you can add a pill bottle with your design, it would make us better rate and choose a winner. Here is something we like, but would like to see something better for you. Good Luck and let the best designer win. Update: I will eliminate every design that says " Natural Seed" only for the reason that you did not read brief for what is wanted/need, also wrong name. Thanks,

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  • I happened to have a different contest a while back and saw the same type of logo and it seems to practical and simple. If you can maybe use a leaf or tree instead of the box it would look better. Remember this logo will be on pill bottles and on TV/Website.
  • oh sorry my mistake i will correct it. thanks for you liking
  • Like the logo but the name is " Natures Seed" not Natural Seed
  • hi there can you please share some feedback regarding my design.
  • Please read brief for info on the company and need of logo if you need more info please let me know.
  • Hi Ch, My design #7 is a modern style logo with a pictoral mark that can be seen as a leaf but also a modern shape with the letter N in it. hope you like it, let me know what you think about it.
  • sir could you tell us more about your work or product? Thanks
  • dear contest holder thanks for your rating, please feel free to any modification.
  • Dear CH, Thanks for the review and advice... i will upload the edited version.. thanks..
  • Hi CH, Please find entries #64 , #65 , #66 . Any feedback greatly appreciated Regards SJK
  • I would like to see a better set of leaf since the ones you have look half dead. Try making the leafs look more fresh. Good Luck
  • Designer i eliminated one of your entries due to mistake on name. I like your idea on the logo, but adding a different font and instead of a leaf in the ground try making a seed which incorporates the name. Good Luck
  • I like this logo, but not for this company i feel that your design would fit a dentist office or novelty shop. I need the name to be readable for our customers. Also you forgot the "S" in Natures. Good Luck
  • Need bigger font and maybe add more to it seems to plain for some reason. Good Luck
  • Your design looks like it's to sharp and have seen this style before. We are looking to stand out with something new. Good Luck
  • I like the idea, but the font on "seed" does not look good with the other font. Also work on maybe adding detail on the leafs which will give more life to your design. Good Luck
  • I cant imagine your logo on thousands of bottles around the country. I feel it needs a softer tone and take away the big N the name in the bottom is good work with that.
  • Hy, Please find #53, #54, hope you like it. please comment the remarks. thankyou
  • dear ch, please. my entry is #15 , a feedback and rating will be appreciated... thanks
  • I like your logo, but think that the picture is to good for the font. Try a different font.