Nature Propre (Clean Nature)

Hello, Very happy by the quality of the website + designers proposals. Looking fwd to working with you again :) Regards, Emilie

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Winning design #14 by amiqotul, Logo Design for Nature Propre (Clean Nature) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by amiqotul

Project description

Our project is about offering a solution for getting rid of cigarette butts in cities.

We need a general logo for our cigarette butts project this year but it should be also usable for other nature protection projects.

So, the logo should relate to environment protection and sensitization of the public on the human impact on Nature. Therefore we CANNOT have a cigarette butt on the logo as it would be too specific.

Our company is a non-profit organization.

The project's name is French "Nature Propre" which means clean nature.

So, if any design uses the project's name, it should be the French title.

If something is not clear please do not hesitate to touch base.


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  • Hello everybody!
    Thanks a lot for all your logo designs.
    Great work.
    We, the Nature Propre team now launched in internal vote.
    At the beginning of next week, we will announce the winning design.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Please #29
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  • Dear patrickfrank,

    Here is another concept of my proposal logo design; "falling leaves Arrow" clean concept
    hopefully you like it.

    Thank you


    Thank you
    Best Regards #26
  • Dear patrickfrank,

    As you said in brief of project description.
    if any design uses the project's name, it should be the French title therefore I offered my proposal Logo design with combination mark; symbol/ icon (Eiffel Tower) with word mark, so you can use both or one of them.

    Hopefully you like it.

    Thank you
    Best Regards #25
  • Concept 1 #7
  • hi CH ! I added my design there, I'd be happy if I get feedback. Best regards #6
  • with city clean concept inside #3
    • @BigStormIdea

      Hello BigStormIdea. We really liked your design. Good idea with the rain drop. But I cannot find it anymore in the entries......Do you know where it is? Thanks.