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Winning design #159 by hollander, Logo Design for Nature's Preference Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

Nature's Preference is a Los Angeles based tree service company. Our services include cutting down, pruning, or trimming branches, leafs, and roots from trees to prevent damage or for aesthetic purposes.

The logo that I want should not be too fussy but should stand out. Ideally I would prefer a linear logo which contains the company name and an appropriate strap line (tree service). I would like the colors to include green and yellow. Specific shades have been provided, but feel free to get creative as you are not limited to those shades (use other colors, but keep logo to 3 colors max). I would like to see some logos in the purple and green shade (#490f5c & #52a227) . The logo should contain a leaf, leafs, or anything that gives off a landscape feel. I like the idea of the letters 'NP' being used in the logo ( creative blend of the two or a slight blend. I have provided a sample of a logo design I liked. Do not let the sample logo bound you to the idea. Please show me other designs like a design based off of four seasons showing we are working year round, a tree stumps rings, and many more ideas. Im excited to see everyones ideas. The logo would be used for business cards, invoice/proposal templates, website, and more.

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