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Design Contest was great, it helped us get the logo we were after and allowed us to see mulitple ideas and interact with the designers to get exactly what we wanted.

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Winning design #113 by kristijp, Logo Design for Naughty and Nice Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kristijp

Project description

Our company is called "Naughty and Nice". Cupcakes are our main product for sale, with few other desserts as well. We have attached our concept logo (as a pdf and as a Corel Draw file.) We are open to any and all interpretations. What has been attached is merely a first idea of something we liked and the style, colours and font are in no way fixed to this. We do like the idea of playing on the "good and bad" aspect of our company name as you will see from the halo and devil tail we tried to incorporate and we like the idea of having two contrasting fonts for the "Naughty" and "Nice" words. Our original idea also uses a tattoo style design and again this was used as something a little bit different.

Thank you for your help, look forward to hearing from you.
If you need any more information please feel free to contact us.
PS: The corel file was completed by a first time user to help bring an idea to life.

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  • Hi Kirsti, thanks a lot for this much appreciated. For now we will take these and discuss it amongst ourselves and let you know if there is anything we may need. Big Thanks. #84
    • @naughtyandnicecupcakes No problem :) I always find it makes things much easier to have some visuals to compare.

    • About #84, @naughtyandnicecupcakes I'm sure you're still in chats over decisions like color, so I presented the most recent board in black & white. #109 shows some versatility in that you might use the ribbon and name only in certain situations where spatially or stylistically it works better. For example the full logo on top of a cupcake box, with the name+ribbon part along a more rectangular side.

      In case you might've had some concerns, I also wanted to mention that none of the color variations go over three colors (some only 2) with black. I work in a design studio that also specializes in printing and can assure you this design would work not only visually as a logo, but would print for any medium from screen printing, to dye sublimation, to vinyl.

    • @kristijp hi Kirsti thanks for this it is very much appreciated and knowing that the logo will work on any medium is also a useful. How do you think it will scale, for example down to business card size? I think this design is simple enough to handle that. For example, in a business card situation maybe just using the cupcake part scaled down in the corner with the banner written along the top edge? Finally just for comparisons and if you have the time, the colour way that seems to stand out to us is the pale pink with the black base, is it possible to see this option? Thank you again for your time and help.

    • @naughtyandnicecupcakes I always try to make sure any logo I design will work for anything from business cards/letterhead to billboard, so you shouldn't have any problem there. Like you mentioned there are a few ways you could do it. Potentially using it in its more square format for one side of a two sided business card design, or even separating out the two elements of the cupcake and banner and using them to make sure the business name will stand out more. I'll try to get some basic card mock ups for you to see a visual of it at a small size. I'll also get together another color example with only pale pink and black only. If you think up anything else you need in the mean time just let me know.

    • @naughtyandnicecupcakes #113 and #114 have a pale pink top (could of course easily be done in a single shade of pale pink if you prefer that but I did use two slightly different shades for depth here). #115 is a mock up of business cards to show some diverse ways you could use the elements of this design. I did this in the pale pink, but again colors are a very simple change to make (and can be changed around in finalization stage over 7 days) if you find that you're happy with the layout and style of the design.

    • @kristijp thanks again, the mockups look really good and have given us a better idea of how this logo will stack up on printed media. Thanks again and now its time for some serious discussion amongst ourselves. Again thank you for your time and work, it is very much appreciated.

    • @naughtyandnicecupcakes not a problem :) Best of luck with your decision, I look forward to hopefully hearing from you again. -Kristi

  • I'm new to this site :) but not to design, old player on (

    I really enjoyed working on your contest, creative process always thrills me.
    • @eshtiyak thanks for these, exactly what we wanted to see and they look really good. You have provided us with a great design. We are now going to sit and discuss the results. Thanks again your time and help is really appreciated.

  • please checked design improvement, thank you ... #123
  • Another option on black BG. #118
  • I have made 2 options on black background ... Is that looks good or not? #117
  • About #103, @naughtyandnicecupcakes Ok, I will try it. Thanks
  • Logo is a very technical thing to design, it is a fundamental part of any advertising campaign..while tattoos are an artform which has no connection with advertising.Tattoos itself can be a great design but it can never be used as a company logo because of its technical differences.

    To better understand what logo is, we can watch "The ARMM model" (

    Once my teacher told me: "The most difficult thing to design in visual communication is a company logo, because designer have to summarize the whole philosophy of a company in a most simplified graphical elements...sometimes in just fonts"
    • @eshtiyak yes and this is the current discussions that are occuring at the moment, to ensure that the logo we choose is covering our style and business. Thanks for the updated version, you have made it look closer to a cupcake. We did like the colouring you did on #57, the black and pink, could we see this new version in this colour way? Thank you again, a great submission.

    • @eshtiyak Hi, eshtiyak thanks again for the updated version we requested. Going into our final decision now we are just looking at comparisons and ensuring we have all the information possible. Is it possible to see this design in just a black and white. With the background being black? This may be useful for certain prints we will need. Many thanks again for your time and information you have passed on, it is very much appreciated.

  • thanks for the submission, a bit too much detail for our logo #102
  • like your idea, probably too many colours and shading for a logo but the style is a bit different and its nice to see. #53
  • thanks for the submission, the colours are different and work well together. It follows the brief well. #110
  • this is another new idea and really fun submission. The trident on the cherry is a nice new addition. It may be just a bit too detailed for a company logo, but it is very well done and catches the eye. #97
  • thanks for your submission. We like its simplicity and covers the brief well. #100
  • thanks for these updated submissions. We like that you've simplified it and kept it to a 3 main colours. It works well with the black background #95
  • thanks aain Kirsti, it is looking good in black and white. Also nice to see the name its own, it helps to get an idea of how distinctive each part is on its own and how we could use this for branding. #109
  • Nice submission. You've made it fun and bright and thanks for all the colour choices. #103
  • these are impressive. A lot of fun and nice use of the company name, with the wings. Thanks for the submission #108
  • thanks, you've simplified and improved every alteration. Thanks for the submission #106
  • thanks for the updated colours. Looks good on your updated design. #105
  • please checked design improvements, please feedback, thank you ... #106
  • In #57 color scheme. #105