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Winning design #86 by Robjorn, Logo Design for Neat Juicery Contest
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designed by Robjorn

Project description

Neat Juicery is a company that specializes in fresh, cold-pressed juices made from organically-grown vegetables and fruits. For similar concepts, check out and The Name is "Neat Juicery" with a tag line of "Simply Pressed." We are looking for a modern, yet earthy logo. Ideally, the logo will include both vibrant and earthy colors. "Neat" should have a modern and sleek design, while Juicery should have an earthy design. The design of "Juicery" should highly resemble that of "Evolution Fresh" with the addition of a roots system. (Refer to file). "Simply Pressed" can be placed and designed to your liking. Also look at their Facebook page for more ideas. 3D designs are welcome, as long as it can translate into 2D. The design should be suitable for shirts, website, business cards, and letterheads. Black and white, and watermark versions of the designs are recommended as wall. Thank you, designers!

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  • I made the changes as you asked it's the #32 waiting for your opinion. Thank you.
  • Great progress! Is it possible to play around with the coloring of "juicery," perhaps a beet red, and change "simply pressed" to a different color. We love the design thus far. Would it be possible to submit a few more variations/creations?
  • Dear CH i uploaded the revision #21.Let me know what do you think of it. Kind Regards Nalisha
  • Of course CH!Thank you for feedback i'll submit my next design as soon as i can. Kind Regards Nalisha.
  • Very nice design, but much more commercial than what we are looking for.
  • Nalisha, you are close. Would you be able to make the roots more flowing, less sharp and abrasive? Please give the tree the same flow as the roots. I like the way the grey logo looks indented like a stamp!
  • Dear CH please check #8 in order to see if i'm close or not.. Regards Nalisha
  • You can check out the products from Pressed Juicery. They have a product line similar to what we will offer.
  • Contest Holder, Is there anyway we can know what types of veggie and fruit juices are going to be apart of the particular brand? best regards Bjorn
  • #15 Contest Holder, No problem! I have uploaded your suggested revisions. The water drops falling from the leaves give it a fresh feel. I did not want to go overboard with the drops as I feel it clutters the design. Let me know if this is an appropriate direction.
  • I really like the initial design, and the roots extending from the j. It is possible to have leaves or something else extending upward from the t? Also, is it possible to change the color or neat to a more vibrant green. In addition, can you incorporate water drops to give it a fresh feel?
  • Let me be the first to submit a design as a start. The root in the "J" and the type face for "Simply Pressed" will give you your organic feel and look. The "Neat Juicery" type face will give you your modern look. And lastly the colors itself will give you a fresh and earthy feel with the splash of green for the leaf to brighten up with a vibrant color and interpretation of juice. Comments, feedbacks, suggestions will help! Thanks :D
  • Dear CH you could make this contest blind if you like Regards Andrei
  • Designers, great work! Please refer to the updated brief for modifications. We will be contacting a number of you, individually, for the purchase of your previous designs.
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please find my new designs submitted: #47, #48, #49 & #50. Please tell me if you like them. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • Hi please check my logo #41 For any change just let me know Jason
  • Hi CH In the brief you said vegetables and fruits. So I took a shot in providing root-vegetables and fruits. Both earthy and vibrant color. Suitable to black / white for budget runs (on t-shirts let's say...). I am eager to hear you feedback on my entry #40. Regards Andrei
  • Contest Holder, I can only submit one more design because I'm new. It is of importance that I find out if #25 is the direction in which you would like me to go. I believe I can provide you with something dynamic modern not generic. Not only do I want to create one final design but a wining design. best regards Bjorn
  • hi CH! first of all, thanks for the opportunity and your time, hope u like my designs #60 & #59..enjoy! appreciate ur rating/ feedback!
  • Thank you for your feedback I will get my final design up asap. Really elated you would consider my design for a shirt! best regards Robert Bjorn