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We need a new logo for our new site. We dont want the logo to look too childish. Don't have a preference on the colors, open to any ideas.

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  • #12, A clean, modern, simple symbol with shape like gun and remote control. Thanks
  • A more subtle attempt at the same concept.
  • This first attempt incorporates the blades of an RC toy, cross hairs, and airsoft pellet within the type. Please let me know if you would like to see any revisions. Thanks, echoseven
  • one robotic hand with two thumbs and an antenna. perfect for remote control.
  • about #53,#54,#55 if you want any changes i will be there
  • #46 #50 my first entries
  • #47 #48 #49 I've made some studies. I like to see it that,"toys are not just for kids, but for grown-ups too."
  • About #44 Dear CH, Please check on my entry, all your comments & suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks and God bless you!! -rounin
  • I tried to do something diff. I went with a old style vintage type feel. Hope you like and if you need anything changed just let me know and i'll change it.
  • WHY would you use a disney character for someones logo? #20 Thats what they do for mixtape cd covers. Just a heads up its copyrighted
  • Dear CH, This is my first submit entries. I hope you like. Thanks :)
  • Based on airsoft equipment and accessories, I made two version of Edotoys logo First logo in #23 with a skull head with helmet and google, Second logo in #24 using dog tag with goggle icon inside.
  • ABOUT #20 dear ch please give a feedback about dis one...
  • Dear Contest Holder, After your previous eliminations I decided to take the design in a new direction. I am assuming that my previous design was too immature, so design #19 is geared towards an older audience. The font is very modern and the colors are simple but bold. This airsoft pellet is being shot through the company name, which gives the design a 3D effect. Overall, I wanted your logo to be simple and modern without coming across as a common company logo. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • More designs please
  • Dear Contest Holder, Designs #14 and #15 are both clean, simple, and modern logos. I wanted to represent your company well by emphasizing your products, which is why I included a remote control car and the scope of an airsoft gun within the word toy. I gave you two different options for colors, but the colors can be adjusted if needed. This design can easily be converted to grayscale for printing purposes, and the design is vector so it can be adjusted to any size. Please feel free to request any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio
  • Hi :) My entry is clean, concise & modern. It's bold enough that it can be used very small and still retain it's legibility. I have bastardized a couple typefaces to create custom typography. The EDO portion, when tilted on its side, is a person. I chose the particular stylization for a few reasons: 1) so that it maintains a strong connection with the type itself (these reinforces your brand) 2)it doesn't pin you down to being too "cartoony"; thereby limiting your age group/market and 3) it has a modern look & feel - which will translate to your products as well. I am entering a "flat" rendition so you can see how it works "bare bones". I will also work well as a single color. If you'd like, I can easily add web 2.0 effects (the dimensional, 3D "glass" effect) Thanks for your consideration
  • Hi CH :) I made a logo with a war or military feel. I also use soft colors as it reflect best for toys. Hope you lke it.
  • Hi CH, I come up with a design you may be interested in. #69 #70 70 is what the logo could look like if was up on your website. Please critique the work I have done, and tell me what I could do to change anything to your likings. To better see the detail, please click on the designs to enlarge them to the fullest! Thanks :)
  • Dear CH, For this design I worked off the two things you said in your brief that you mainly deal with and that was "Airsoft Guns and Remote Control Stuff". Well for the "Airsoft Gun" part I made a bullseye cause when you shoot a gun you mainly are shooting at a target or some type of bullseye. And for the "Remote Control Stuff" I made the black looking wings in the back. I was mainly thinking about remote airplanes when I made that part so it's geared towards that. but if you have any suggestions please let me know. If this isn't what your looking for. Maybe can you give me a example of something that you would like me to go in. And thanks. Hope you like!