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Winning design #65 by Ibdesign, Logo Design for Need killer company Logo Contest
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designed by Ibdesign

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Artistic visual studios is the company name. We specialize in architectural 3d renderings, animation, BIM modeling and construction documents. We also have a design build firm that specializes in outdoor environments. I want the logo to be modern architectural, clean and innovative frankloyd wright style!!! I want the logo to be cutting edge.

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  • Dear CH, Pls check my design entry #6. Giving it a tricky feel on the the design using negative space, makes this logo artistic. We want to reach our audience visually, a discovery on the logo's feel helps the logo connect to its audience. I hope you like it. Thank you very much! Best Regards, Finestroke
  • Here are some hints for getting the most out of your contest: – You are very important to us! Your active participation is the major factor influencing this contest. Your active participation in the process helps you get the logo design you want! – The active participation is an updating the Brief page with more information for designers to work with AND providing feedbacks to designers on their entries and ranking designs at least once a day. – When you provide feedbacks to Designers you increase the chances of getting the logo you want. More feedback equals better results! – Rank designs at least once each day. This will encourage designers to submit more entries! – Ranking prevents your contest from going idle! Active contests attract more designers. – Designers are not offended by "Eliminated by Contest holder" We'd like to know what you don't want to see, so we can give you the design you do want. Thank you
  • Please look at #10 rather than #9, I did not catch a mistake I made. Thank you!
  • About #36 I've made a 3D styled design out of my previous one #11. I'd appreciate some feedback. I'll work on more variations. Thanks!
  • Hi Doug1, I have submitted an updated design with a business card layout #29, please have a look at your convenience. I look forward to your reply.
  • Hi Doug1, At your earliest convenience, please have a look at my design I submitted. It's #28. The type is simple, but impactful, bold and modern.
  • Dear CH, Sorry I did not answer it, I'll do your requests, Regards!
  • Can we some more examples
  • Clan see what this would look like in business card formate
  • I like what you have come up with just don't like the two circles the text and the v look good. Can we see some more looks that based off what you have already designed?
  • Can I see this with black background and dark background Will you provide some more looks that are what you have designed? If we pick you will you provide design file and letter head layout for business cards?
  • HI CH I submited #44. A hope you like it. I will apreciate some feedback Best regards!
  • Hi doug1, 15 hours to go! Hoping thats just enough time for any feedback here... #59. My interpretation of Frank Lloyd meets letters A and V. Many Thanks, Carl
  • Hi, I'm from brazil Hi, My proposal #53 was to develop a logo that was abstract symbol merging the initials "A" and "V" I used red as the predominant color, but I can change if you like more than other color Thank you
  • I just submitted #51 and #52. They are similar in concept. #52 has a more abstract A. The colors can easily be swapped, if you have another preference. I did it in a clean 3D style and I do like incorporating the green color to help represent the outdoor aspect of the logo, but did show 2 color comps.
  • can you show in 3d letters?
  • Can you rotate and maybe show horizontal bar for the A Can you show in red? some differnt colors?
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #45 and #46 for your review.... Thank you, DM
  • how do we work with you more if we pick you as winner? I have just one change i want to make. I also want to make sure to have letter head, business cards layout etc.. you could make in 3d design if you want. I would like to see that? Will you send me original files? we like this design very much great job!!!! we where wondering if you could not have so much tilted? I love your style!! great job again. Please give me feedback and i will reward contest to you.
  • SCH
    Hi doug1, please check on my submission, #75 , #79, i hope you’ll like it