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I have lots of submitted logos that include infinity symbols, which I wanted, and lots with dogs looking over or through the infinity symbol.  I'd like to see some more variety before the contest closes.  In particular, I would really like to see some logos submitted incorporating one or more pieces of agility equipment like the dogwalk, A-frame, tunnels, or jumps into the design.  Maybe using the letters to be the support for a dogwalk with a dog going up and over it, or maybe an aframe coming out of the letters, or in the background.  Both are big pieces of equipment and could make a statement.  I've attached photo examples of each of the pieces of agility equipment below.  Thank you.


I need a logo for my new dog agility training business, Infinity Dog Sports (,

The logo will be used on my website, facebook page, business cards, brochure, advertisements, banners, t-shirts, clickers, training record books, and other things.  Dog agility is a sport in which a dog and handler work as a team as the handler directs the dog around a course of obstacles, such as various kinds of jumps, tunnels, a dog walk, teeter-totter, a-frame, weave poles, etc. Please take a look at the following video to get an idea of what the sport looks like in action:

I'm not excited about the 2 logos I've been using. The first is just free clipart that I added my business name to.  I like it because it uses the infinity symbol, which I'd like to have included in the logo design in some way, even if it's rather abstract or not very prominent.  The second logo is one that I created using the logocreator of my website design program, but I really don't like it all that much--it's too serious and not fun enough. 

Regarding design, I've had thoughts of a logo with a dog jumping over or through an infinity sign,  or a logo of a dog or dogs running around an infinity sign, but I'm not stuck on either idea.  Fun looking dogs are good but I don't want anything too cartoonish.  Paw prints are OK but I don't want any hearts.  I'd like a fun font, but nothing curly or cartoonish.  Other ideas would be to incorporate one or more pieces of agility equipment into the logo, such as an agility jump, a tunnel, weave poles, dog walk, tunnel, etc.  I can provide pictures if it would be helpful but you can see these in the video link I provided.

These are a lot of ideas and I'm open to considering anything creative you come up with, especially something you wouldn't typically see as a logo for a dog training business.  I'm going for a look that is professional and creative, but still fun.  

I like colorful logos but would like green to be a prominent color.  I don't want an olive or emerald green--a nice bright green (something maybe similar to #19d92f) and possibly blue in the logo, but I'm open to other colors as well. 

I'd like at least two basic options for the logo.  One logo that is colorful and another that would probably be simpler, maybe just black or green or whatever color with a white background and one with a transparent background.  If it would be possible to have the option to change the color of the logo on the simpler version that would be great. I need something that will still look good really small if I have it put onto a dog training clicker--I've attached a photo in case you don't know what they are (only about 2" x 1" x 1/2")

Don't necessarily use my website as an example of the kind of look I'm going for--I'm definitely thinking lately that it's too much black for my liking.

Lastly, while dog agility is a very competitive sport, our focus is primarily on creating a wonderful, lasting relationship between the person and their dog, while doing fun and active with their dog.  We use only positive methods and focus on having fun while training.  Our tag line is "endless possibility" because we want people to see that getting involved in dog agility opens up an endless possibility of experiences you never realized you could have with your dog.

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  • @Atexasraf I like the smaller dog much better. Thank you. I also like the Infinity sign and the bottom border you used on the first design better that this one. Could you give me an example just like the first design just with the smaller dog? #497
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