Need logo for stylish fashion brand and online site !!!

Thank you so much Ericaj.... I love our new logo and appreciate all the time and effort you put into creating it for us. When we do need more designs would love to see more of your beautiful artwork. You are very talented and we wish you only the BEST !! THANK YOU !! Melanie

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Winning design #83 by EricaJ, Logo Design for Need logo for stylish fashion brand and online site !!! Contest
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designed by EricaJ

Project description

Hi talented designers, We are starting up an online women's fashion apparel store and need a logo design. We carry clothes, shoes, accessories... We're looking for a clean simple & fun couture logo that makes our brand stand out. We do not want anything too serious as our main goal is to find something that expresses the enjoyment of shopping. We are open to colors but do not want anything too flamboyant. This Logo will appear on the labels of our nicnmel apparel, tags, website...etc. I am depending on all of you wonderful designers to help us define our brand with your artwork!!! THANKS =) ps..just thought it would help to mention that our name nicnmel is the two names Nicole and Melanie combined.

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  • Thanks for correcting the spelling. This logo is very cute!!
  • I really like this simple clean design. Would love to see it in different colors as well if possible :)
  • backgrounds are not allowed one design per one entry.
  • backgrounds are not allowed
  • Hi. I've posted #81 and #82. It' very simple, iconic and works great with every color or shadowing. In a case you might like it, let me know if you want to see it in any other color or without the circle. Kind regards, Pako. EDIT: I've misspelled the name in previous two entries, the corrected version is #96. EDIT: I've added a bit "lighter" version of my logo, entries #125 (with the cirlce) and #126 (without).
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Sorry for the spelling error on #174. I noticed it right after uploading. It can be corrected...
  • hi #83 erica j can you make some edits on the logo for me and make more uniform.. in looking at it again big, can we make the sizes/width of the pieces of the logo all the same size as well as the negative space (white in logo) all same width also, the rounded corners are not all at the same curve also, the top of logo is is not a straight line in looking at the paths of the vector file also, the logo is in many pieces .. can you combine them for me overall, cleaned up, symmetrical, polished thank you
  • I just uploaded the .ai file for you to review. Check out the spacing of the white 'negative space', I can still make it wider to match the width of the other portions or per below, but it looks completely different than the original design. Would you like to keep the matching negative (white) spaces as they appear in the original submission (thin, wide, thin,wide, thin - for lack of better way to explain). Please let me know either way and I can get the modifications completed per your preferences and complete the source files. Thanks and have a great day!
  • I just saw your comments and I will make the changes as requested.
  • Please take a look at the difference in the two file I uploaded. One is the original design, the other is with the 'legs' all the same width. I know you must be anxious as I to get this completed so please get back with me soon.
  • thank you so much Ericaj. I really love our new logo and appreciate everything you did for us. You are very talented and when we do need more designs would love to see more of your beautiful artwork. Wish only the best for you....THANK YOU !!! Melanie =)
  • Hello there, thanks for the response. I used PINK - Pantone 210 RGB #F9A1CA and GRAY - Pantone 877 RGB #85888B I can re-upload "nicnmel" if you like. Let me know. I renamed the palette colors to "nincmel pink" and "nicnmel gray" with both profiles Pantone and RGB values) for quick reference.
  • Thanks Ericaj.... I am ready to finalize this contest. Before I do could you please let me know the Pantone colors used for the logo ...thanks and I will close this contest as soon as I hear back from you !! :)