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Winning design #75 by iky, Logo Design for need professional logo for a food service Contest
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designed by iky

Project description

We will be delivering home cooked meals to 3 cities, Tallahassee, Monticello, Thomasville. (Tallahassee is the capitol of FL) I'd like to have a HEALTHY approach. I love the color red and am very patriotic (red white and blue). I tend to like "country" but don't want a lame everyday country look - something with a little flare and maybe comical would appeal to me.

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  • dear CH can you please give me a feedback on my design?
  • Hi CH! I have submitted a couple of revisions to #6. Please take a look at #49, #50, and #51. Thanks!
  • iky
    Hello Katrina! Sorry for the wrong slogan. I hope you like it now - look at #43. The slogan ist very long, if you want to I could try a verson with a smaler fontsize. iky
  • Hi CH I have submitted a design #31 Please check the design and give a feedback Thank You
  • Hi Katrina, Thanks for your feedback. Here is the revised entry with two chef hats. Any other changes needed, always ready to do them.
  • try adding a 2nd chef's hat like a mother daughter (adult/child)
  • My favorite still but i should have told you to add "meals" at the end of home delivered home cooked. Try capitalizing the first letter of each word :Home Cooked Home Delivered meals
  • Hello Katrina, Thank you for the feedback. Also added one more revision to add another character.
  • iky
    Hello Katrina! Thanks for the feedback. #21 is the new one with the "s" and the new slogan.
  • Please change the cutting board to red and one to blue, Put the word "Kitchens" in place of fine food and in the middle put in smaller text Home Delivered Home Cooked Meals. I like red white and blue.
  • Please do 2 more - one with blue text at the bottom: Home Delivered Home Cooked Meals and one with black text. Make Kitchen plural - Kitchens.
  • Could you put underneath: Home Delivered Home Cooked Meals in blue and change the chef's hat and forks to blue? Also do one adding the language underneath in blue and leaving the hat and knife/forks in black. Thanks
  • try the round text in white and put some red in it instead of green
  • This is my favorite so far!!! Add the "s" to Kitchens. Instead of "healthy and tasty food - put: "home delivered home cooked"
  • I've made a change in the name because the website I wanted is already taken. All you need to do is add an "s" at the end. To read: "Katrina's Kitchens". The other Katrina is my daughter. All of you please make that change accordingly.
  • This will be it!
  • iky
    Hello Katrina! Thank you very, very much! #75 and #76 are now with the red, bold slogan. I hope you like it. You will get the logo in a vector-file-format (eps), a jpg-file-format, a photoshop-file, cymk and rgb and a black and white version. I'm sorry, I haven-t heard of the DST-file-format. But I think with the EPS you could do everything you want. iky
  • This is my first time submitting a web contest. how will you be getting the file to me and in what form. jpg? Will you be able to give it to me in the embroidery file (DST). I'm not going to publically announce you as the winner until probably Monday night. I need to talk to the design contest people first and they will be open again for me to call on Monday.
  • Ok - you are going to be the winner for sure but I you to put "delivered" before "cooked" - so it reads Home Delivered Home Cooked Meals do the one line slogan of #58 in bold red and do #59 in bold red (the slogan at the bottom). Thank you thank you thank you.