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Neil S. Cohen & Associates, P.C. is a small, boutique law firm on the waterfront in Boston, MA. We are a general practice with a focus in personal injury work. We are looking for a strong, classic, text-based logo to use on letter head, business cards, website and social media. Additionally, we will eventually be changing our firm name from Neil S. Cohen & Associates, P.C. to Cohen & Lucyniak, P.C. so we would like a logo that can be easily transitioned to the new name without losing its strength and recognition.

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  • #13, #14 & #15 are my favorites so far. I like the idea of having the "&" symbol stand out, and all of the lettering being about the same size.
  • Could you show me this design with a slightly smaller "&" symbol?
    • maybe like design #25 ? thanks

  • Hi, CH, I am for now focused on a script styles, my ideas is #24, hope you like my vision of start. All the best, krisdesign
  • hallo Ch please check my new design #37 ... thank you ...
  • Hello Glucyniak, #33, #34 I accidentally upload the wrong file, and unfortunately, I don't have any more chances to re-upload!
  • Hey CH !! any views about #44 #46 and #48..... thanks
    • I like all of the designs you have submitted today. Could you show me what some of them would look like after the firm changes its name to Cohen & Lucyniak. Being able to keep the integrity of the logo after we re-brand is very important. Good work!

    • ok i will try to put it in this much limited time... working on it. thanks

    • I understand. Focus on #46, #48, & #51

    • hope my new entry will give you some idea.... working on #48 and #51 . but i will hardly make it by time....

    • It really looks great.

    • see i just did it but the presentation is not good.... sorry for that, also color and text can be changes easily. Let me know if you want any changes.thanks for your feedback

    • I'm leaning towards #48. Not sure if there is time, but I would like to see it in black. Also, I like the font in #55. Could you do #46 in that font. No problem if there isn't enough time.

    • will submit in few minutes... i also submitted a new entry hope you've checked it.thanks

    • hey CH !! sorry again but i have reached my design submission limit.... is there any way ?? Dont know what to do...

    • Sorry Sorry i did it.... just reached new level after posting 2 more posts in forum(DC rules). i have submitted the entry. is there anything else you want ? thanks

  • I really like this design. Could you show it to me with the and sign slightly smaller?
  • Hi there glucyniak I wanted to let you know that your contest is expired waiting for you to either choose a winner or extend the contest. The designers can not reply or post entries in an expired contest. I wanted to also let you that after choosing a winner you have 7 more days to work with the winner on changes you may need or want Thank you
  • I like these three designs. If I choose this as the winner will you be able to do these three designs with the Neil S. Cohen & Associates, P.C. name, similar to #60 and perhaps make the "&" symbol a little smaller?